We never know when the next fuel rise might be on its way; but then again, the price of fuel has not been considered ‘value for money’ for several years now and we have seen it rise well beyond the point where we thought it might peak.
Curving fuel costs for company fleets
On a personal level, families have been hit hard by rising fuel costs and have had to budget for additional costs; for example in the UK, 20 liters of petrol was about £16.00, and now in 2013, it is £12.00 more expensive on average at £28.00. This is a similar story for those that drive a diesel powered car; this being an important factor for parents who feel it is more economical to transport themselves and their young children in diesel powered vehicles on the school runs or days out.

Sticking with diesel, this is a form of fuel that is very popular with company fleets, and businesses are always looking for new ways of cutting back on the heightened costs of fuel in order to maximize their profit. The understanding and controlling of fleet costs is a key priority for fleets, and so it is vital the correct measures are considered and applied in order to take full advantage and rein in fuel costs; perhaps through an EDC fuel card solution.

Get a hand with your fleet strategy

It will be hard to be able to curve fuel costs if your current fleet strategy is out of date. Therefore, look to renew it with some expert advice; firstly because it is always helpful to have an outside view and analysis of your operations and secondly, expert advice isn’t to be sniffed at.

Think about the cars you have on offer

One of the most prominent factors as to how economically a fleet runs is the cars that in use and available to your drivers. The trend at the moment – and rightly so – is to research into economical vehicles that offer low emissions for tax and high MPG numbers for low fuel costs.

An efficient fuel card system

A major headache for most firms is the paper trail buying fuel for company cars produces and managing this over time. Using a reputable fuel card system will enable you to get all your fuel cost data in one place and expenses can be easily be monitored. Fuel card companies can also give you more than just information on how many miles you’re doing, such as tips on where to get the cheapest fuel and how to streamline your system.

Teach your drivers how to be responsible

Fuel costs will trickle down if your drivers are aware of how to drive economically, such as being easy on the gas pedal and not too hard on the brakes either. Not carrying unnecessary weight will also rein in costs on fuel, whilst changing gear early is also advised.

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