A good balance sheet is important for any new entrepreneur.  A good balance sheet can help a business owner manage the overall finances of the business very effectively, and it can help the business use revenue and investment funds very wisely while working to eliminate any liabilities that the business may have.

Focusing On Sources Of Profits And Revenue

A good balance sheet will be able to help an entrepreneur easily identify important sources of profits and revenue.  The entrepreneur will be able to determine where the most revenue is coming from, and as a result, he or she will quickly determine which operations, products and services are the most profitable.

Attention Young Entrepreneurs: A Good Balance Sheet Is Very Important
In addition, an entrepreneur that owns several websites will be able to see which websites are bringing in the most revenue, and they can determine the most profitable methods of bringing in revenue from their websites.

Adding Up All Of The Assets

Many times, a business owner doesn’t know exactly what their business is worth.  A good balance sheet will help an entrepreneur determine the overall worth of all of the assets of the business, and it will help the entrepreneur determine if it may a good time to sell any of the assets of the business or buy new assets for the business.


Expenses can be important parts of most businesses.  Most businesses have to spend money on advertising, and an entrepreneur usually has to spend money on web hosting and design services and on a monthly rent or lease payment.

Accurately calculating all of the expenses of the business can help the entrepreneur to determine which ones can be eliminated, and the entrepreneur will know the expenses that are costing the business the most money.

By knowing all of the expenses of the business, the entrepreneur can determine which expenses are vital to the profits and to the overall revenue of the business.  In addition, an entrepreneur may decide that some expenses need to be increased, such as expenses for advertising and marketing, hiring new employees, hiring or outsourcing work to new contractors, buying new equipment, getting an additional location for the business and much more.

Assessing Risk With A Great Balance Sheet

An excellent balance sheet can help a business assess risk more effectively.  Poor assessments of risks and the lack of a good overall balance sheet partially accounted for the recent financial crises, and an entrepreneur can learn from history by using a great balance sheet to assess risks more effectively.

By having a superb balance sheet, an entrepreneur can determine which risks are truly worth taking, and they can determine which risks are the most likely to really pay off in the short-term and in the long-term.

In addition, an exceptional balance sheet will help the entrepreneur determine which risks may not be worth it, and this can help the entrepreneur and the business avoid many liabilities and expenses in the future.

Using A Balance Sheet To Predict Future Growth Of The Business

An entrepreneur can effectively use a balance sheet to help predict the future growth of the business.  By measuring profits, income and revenue from the balance sheets from several months, an entrepreneur can get a very accurate prediction of where the business is heading, and the entrepreneur can focus on the parts of the business that have proven to be the most profitable.  

By eliminating expenses and focusing on profits and revenue, a business can use an exceptional balance sheet to produce even more outstanding balance sheets that show much higher profits in the future.

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  1. Being that tax time is upon us, this is some seriously good advice. I just saw my accountant and realized that I was a bit more unprepared to talk about my business than I thought. Keeping good records is key. Do you have any suggestions for software/services that can make this easier for a young entrepreneur?

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