In the field of forex brokers, there are several terms that are used for them, some of which are currency trading broker or retail forex broker. Forex brokers are the people who either buy or sell different assets in order to obtain a commission. As the modern era began, the role played by a broker gradually became more all-encompassing in different fields like equities, commodities, insurance and real estate markets. 
forex trading
A forex broker firm offers multifarious facilities of forex trading and all this is done through a trading platform which permits them to buy and sell foreign currencies. It should be noted that before choosing a forex trader, it is always necessary to watch out for one that has earned a good reputation in the market. They should also provide you with all sorts of facilities which are needed for the successful completion of the procedure.
A little bit about Ubanker 
Ubanker is a forex broker and Rehoboth Ltd owns the company. This broker company is perched at Cyprus, 8 Methonis Street, Nicosia 1070. The very first question that comes to your mind when you think of Ubanker is, ‘Is it legitimate?’ Well, this is not only the case with Ubanker South Africa but with all other forex brokers as it is indeed necessary to test the authenticity of a firm in the present market which is full of shady companies. It is vital to know the relevancy of a good brokerage firm in order to successfully participate in forex trading. 
Here are few facts on Ubanker which will shower you with more confidence and power in dealing with Ubanker South Africa. Take a look.
  • It is a pretty young firm which has already built a performance reputation throughout the world.
  • Ubanker is a forex broker firm which maintains univocal protection and regulation policy to make sure trading activities are healthy.
  • It is a firm which abides by the standard of highest data protection and is proud to have earned the eTrust stamp of protection.
  • Ubanker even receives a deposit that is as low as $200 only.
  • Withdrawing certain amount of money requires 4-5 business days. 
Platform for investment
Ubanker offers Meta Trader 4 and a trading platform for mobile called Mobile forex. This platform permits ownership of assets for users and other options like more than 35 foreign currency pairs, goods, CFDs, stocks to trade and indicators. 
Initiating your forex trading with Ubanker
Ubanker is touted to be one among the best platforms for trading in the world due to its educative and informative support for the traders. Even a novice trader can successfully benefit from Ubanker as the forex academy provides a rational and real-time learning system for the trader where he is taught how to stay ahead of all strategies leveraging video tutorials and text. Traders are brought far ahead of the trading practice within the industry and this is probably the main reason behind non-existence of complaints against Ubanker as traders always remain aware of the steps they should take during odds. 
Trading platform of Ubanker
The trading and news tools offered by Ubanker set the traders way ahead of market information and help them in building an appropriate insight into the direction of the market and helps them make a perfect decision when required. 
Transacting financially via Ubanker
The app for Ubanker which they have for handling deposits and withdrawal utilize various payment systems to make withdrawal and deposits in safe and secured environment utilizing a credit card, transfer and checking account. Ubanker even adopts a formal writing style for secured process of withdrawing money to safeguard the funds of the traders. 
Availability of Ubanker
Ubanker’s availability is huge as you will get it in different countries including the United Kingdom. Ubanker South Africa, as the name suggests, offers access within the continent of Africa. Currently, Ubanker is not there in Canada and US as the process of availability hasn’t yet formalized in these nations. 
Ubanker South Africa – Few features which make it trustworthy
There are some specific features which make Ubanker the best option for people who plan to enter the field of forex broking. Here are few.
  • Powerful financial assistance
This is something that is often overlooked by forex traders, that there is an urgent need to watch out the assets of the firm with which you’re planning to work. Though clients make deposits, yet the firm in question should also have a firm asset base. Ubanker South Africa has earned a pretty good financial backing since it has its own base. They can even guarantee that their firm won’t become insolvent all of a sudden.
  • Has accounts that are trader-friendly
Whenever a forex broker provides traders with an account for trading, there are several factors that need to be considered. Leverage that is available, number of spreads, minimum amount that is needed to open the account and size of trading account which is allowed are few of the factors. At Ubanker, every single facility is offered keeping in mind the easy trading of clients. 
  • Provides 100% security
Security is the number one factor that comes to mind of traders when they choose a brokerage firm. A forex brokerage firm is expected to offer highest security in every possible term. If you’re wondering whether Ubanker is safe, you can be rest assured that Ubanker is secure and safe in all ways. They have even introduced the Ubanker app for easier management of accounts. 
  • Offers effective trading platform
At Ubanker South Africa, traders are offered a trading platform which offers every single facility that is required to facilitate the process of trading. You can avail the benefit of a trial or a demo account in order to check their effectiveness. 
So, if you’re new into the field of forex trading, what are you waiting for? Buck up and open a demo account to start off with a successful venture into currency trading with Ubanker’s cutting-edge trading system and platform.
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  59. I was scammed by ubanker and they don't even care about people's complains.They promise that they will investigate and come to me after 2_ 4 weeks and they never did.It is 2 months now and they don't even respond to my emails.

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