Put your financial house in order – 6 financial resolutions to keep in 2018

The New Year brings with it the promise of a new beginning and also the hardships of tracking self-improvement. As per the research from the University of Scranton, the nostalgic holidays and an entire year of regrets, around 50% of the Americans decided to make resolutions for the New Year. The New Year is undoubtedly a great time to change your life for the better and the best place to start is by making few solid financial resolutions which can get you closer to your monetary goals.

financial resolutions

Whether it’s boosting your retirement savings or keeping aside enough money for being able to make the required down payment on your house, you’ll always need to take care of your finances so that you can set your financial house in order in 2018. What are the steps that you should take? Read on to know more. 

#1: Stay prepared for risks and monetary disruptions

Now is the age of monetary disruptions because things are changing and moving at a rapid pace which is gradually becoming unbelievable. Hence, it is important to be mentally and financially for such risks. Despite being aware of different kinds of risks, we tend to ignore them. If you haven’t still done that, start off this New Year and reduce all risks, if not eliminate them. Do away with not having any retirement plan, not being adequately insured and not considered about being overweight. 

#2: Know what exactly you want

Now that you’re resolving for the New Year 2018, have a concise financial goal. You just can’t do with saying that you wish to pay down your credit card and have enough money in the bank. In fact, your goal has to be actionable and clear. You have to take instant action so that you could show yourself that your credit card is paid down and that you have an IRA that’s fully funded!

#3: Set priorities for your debts

Remember that all debts are not created in an equal manner. You have to enlist your obligations and categorize them by their annual interest rates that you pay on them. If you’re already paying 19% or more than that in the form of interest rates every year, there’s no use in investing money. In most instances, the best course of action would be to sell off your savings bonds, certificates of deposits and cash holdings as well. 

#4: Open an IRA or a Individual Retirement Account

If you still didn’t open one, make sure you open an IRA and begin contributing money towards it. In case you have an accountant or a financial planner, he should inform you about whether a Roth IRA or a traditional IRA would be appropriate for you. Both offer tax benefits which can add to offer you a significant amount by the time you retire. 

#5: Close down the unnecessary accounts

Financial institutions and banks usually charge fees for almost everything. Is it necessary to have multiple checking and credit accounts? Though there are exceptions, the answer is always a big ‘No’. So, you should close down all the unnecessary accounts. 

#6: Make a passive source of income by doing what you prefer doing

Majority of the people can always have one thing about which they’re truly passionate. One of the best ways in which you can enjoy your work is by doing those things which you love to do. When it comes to making a passive income source, this is perhaps the best time to transform your passion and hobbies and capitalize it. You can therefore try them out to earn a passive source of income. 

Therefore, now that you know about the best financial resolutions that you should try your best to keep in 2018, what are you waiting for? Get up and take immediate action regarding your personal financial state so that you don’t have to spend a financially chaotic 2018. If you fall short of the qualification criteria of other types of secured or unsecured loans, you can opt for title loans this New Year from https://www.tfctitleloans.com/.

Know more about Debt Collection Laws: Collections Process, Practices & Methods

When you hear the term debt collector, what kind of images come into your mind? You’re probably thinking of a person wearing a black suit, tie, shiny black shoes, with a permanent stern look on his face. You might picture someone who’s hard-hearted and would throw people out of their homes because they can’t pay their dues. This cliché portrayal of debt collectors may not be without reason. Credit collectors, however, have a right to collect money. You owe money to your creditors, and credit collectors are just trying to do their jobs by collecting pay for what you legally owe. 

So, what is Debt Collection?

Debt collection is a process of collecting payments of money owed to you by a person or a company. If you’re unable to collect payment yourself, you can go to a debt collector. A person or an organization that collects unpaid debts for other people is called a debt collector. Most debt collectors work as agents of people or businesses who loan out money to collect the debt for a percentage of the total amount received.

Debt Collection

What is the Process of Debt Collection?

Each creditor has their own policies for sending out their accounts to collections. Before getting a loan or getting granted for a credit card, you’ll need to sign an agreement that binds you and your bank. This deal is called credit card or loan agreement, which lists the pricing information of your credit card or loan. If you review the agreement, you’ll be informed of how long a period of non-payment will occur until it’s sent to a collection agency.

Three Phases of Debt Collection Process:

1.First Six Months of Your Delinquency

The first six months of your non-payment on your credit card or loan is the time when you’ll be dealing with a first-party agency, which is your creditor’s internal collector. During this period, it would be ideal that you try to pay and settle your debt because the only people involved are you and your creditor. Plus, payment of your debt during this period would help maintain a positive relationship between you and your creditor.

2.Debt is Passed on to a Third Party

If you haven’t paid your debt after six months, your creditor will pass it on to a third-party agency. The third-party organization is a debt collector. Even if the debt collection is passed on to a third-party, the debt is still owned by your creditor. If the third party would be able to collect the payment from you, they’d earn a commission in the form of a percentage of the debt or fee.

3.Writing Off and Selling of Your Debt

If collector of debt fails to collect the payment of debt from you, your creditor writes off and sells your debt to an outside collection agency. The outside collection agency is known as a debt buyer. Once your debt is sold, the creditor’s not involved anymore. The debt buyer will collect the debt plus interest from you, to profit from buying it. 

What are The Prohibited Debt Collection Practices?

When your creditor passes on the debt to a debt collector, the collector must follow the rules of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Here are some things that a Debt Collector can’t do:

1.Call you at inappropriate times: collector of debt is not allowed to call you before 8 am and after 9 pm.

2.Call you at work: collector of debt is not allowed to call you at work, especially if he/she is aware your boss doesn’t let these calls.

3.Harass, oppress or abuse you: collector of debt is not allowed to call more than necessary, threat you, stalk you, etc.

4.Lie to you or imply that you’re a criminal: he/she is not allowed to conceal his/her identity when calling you, tell you that you’re a criminal, lie to you in any way, etc.

5.Disregard your written request of ceasing contact with him/her : When you’ve sent collector of debt a letter terminating your contact with him/her, he/she must respect your request.
If you have a debt, pay for it as soon as you can to avoid going through the debt collection process. If you’re facing business debt, be sure to get the help of a business law attorney who can help you decide the necessary steps to take. And if you can’t pay for your debt, and a debt collector violates your rights, contact a lawyer and ask him/her about what to do. However, if you’re unsure whether collector of debt has violated your rights, contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Once you find yourself in debt, plan on how you’ll pay for it, and if you’re unable, consider getting help.

About the writer: Daniel Grate is a professional writer in the law industry. She currently writes pieces on various law topics for the common reader. In her spare time she spends quality time with her family and friends.

Improve your financial situation and invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin alludes to the brand of cryptocurrency and instalment framework that was concocted by an unidentified software engineer or developers under the name Satoshi Nakamoto and was presented in 2008. Every one of the exchanges between the clients take place with no delegate. The component that is vital to the product is an open distributer record known as the Blockchain and each Bitcoin is considered as a unit of currency by this record. 


Bitcoins are created by trading it for monetary forms, items or administrations. The effect of Bitcoins in the market landscape has been significant throughout the years and is still rising. It is in this setting we dissect motivations to put resources into Bitcoins and here are some benefits of it:

Numerous applications 

According to a Bitcoin expert at Olsson Capital, John Callaway, Bitcoin is an instrument with different applications. It is separated from being an advanced currency that can be utilized as a part of different routes by its Blockchain innovation. The Blockchain programming of Bitcoin can be utilized for things other than coins, for example, computerized trading of securities, for the exchange of titles or group financing.

High strength in a temperamental domain 

The cost of Bitcoin has been steady. The level of strength appeared by Bitcoin amid the last one and a half to two years are contrasted with budgetary instruments. This appears in relations to the soundness of the worldwide economy. The global monetary circumstances are unsteady with Bitcoin being separated from the regular securities exchanges and currency components that have not been influenced. 

Mover preferred advantages

The age of advanced currency is upon us with clients, merchants and individuals moving from conventional instalment strategies. It is in this approaching advanced age that Bitcoin has a first mover advantage with an expansive closeness in the market. The aggregate market estimation of capitalization that Bitcoin has is well more than 6 billion with its closest contenders notwithstanding the 1 billion mark. 

Bitcoin-dividing convention 

Bitcoin takes after a convention by which every 210,000 blocks, the measure of new bitcoins made is sliced down the middle. At the point when Bitcoins was propelled in 2009, the clients were remunerated with 50 Bitcoins per square. This reward was split in November 2012 to 25 Bitcoins per piece. This will proceed to happen and the number will be split once more. The measure of Bitcoins that can be made is held under wraps by the convention it keeps running on.

Leaning towards a cashless economy 

Globally, there is an unquestionable pattern of moving towards a cashless economy. This will build dependence on advanced currency and other instalment strategies. Bitcoin, being kept in a compact mode, will be more usable than other strategies, thus Bitcoin is called digital money. 

Monetary patterns of Bitcoin 

Monetary highs and lows are highlights of every single financial instrument. Bitcoins began off little in trading in 2010 with $0.1 for each Bitcoin and it has been rising from that point forward. In 2011, it went past the $1 stamp and went to $32 when it collided with a low of $2. At that point, the highs and lows started with costs going up to $250 to $60 and then to $100. This financial pattern, predictable with many instruments, has been proceeding and has been demonstrating upwards patterns from that point forward. 

Positive assumptions towards Bitcoin 

The feeling towards Bitcoin has been getting positive from the underlying idea of dread when it was first presented. These positive assessments assume a generous part in the further advancement of the innovation with better market demand, a more extensive client base while essentially expanding monetary help. 

Bitcoin utilized as a support 

Throughout the years, history has instructed that gold has dependably been an extraordinary support. When there was a monetary blast or fall, individuals have purchased gold. In the present day, Bitcoin is removing this position from gold.

Simple trading 

Trading Bitcoin is extremely easy. Purchasing requires a credit card,Paypal or a digital wallet. These are stages that take into account effectively purchasing Bitcoins, for example, Bitquick and Blockchain. Exchanging these Bitcoins to different clients is also very simple. In any case, mind must be given amid such exchange.

The absence of currency control

Bitcoin keeps any control of market cost or exchanges. Any exchange, once performed, can't be switched. There is no middle persona such as a bank which will be equipped for affecting the market or costs. This makes the exchanges modest, straightforward and quick. This takes away all feelings of trepidation of being tricked and the main reason for this is making precise exchanges.

Getting People To Actually Remember Your Business

Nowadays, it seems like there’s a new start up every time you turn a corner. When you’re trying to get your business on the roadmap, it can be frustrating to find that there are constantly new entries in the space vying for attention. So, how do you make sure that you stand above the rest and be remembered not just by customers but by the people you meet and speak to?

business people

Be memorable

You can set yourself up for success or for a fall right from the beginning when you make the big decisions about the business, such as what its name will be and what the brand’s focus will be. If you’re not widely known yet and you find you don’t have the brand name appeal you need, you can start from a clean slate. But take the time to think about what makes a name memorable and what is the best possible value proposition to add to communicate what you do effectively to your customers.

Have a signature style

When you’re deciding the cores of your brand, make sure that they are cores you can rely on again and again. You have to be able to use your logo thousands of times and to have a colour and design scheme that you can use through hundreds of documents, web pages, and business cards. Consistency is crucial to being memorable. Every time you create new brand material, make sure you have a visual style guide that your team can follow to make sure it fits the company identity.

Incentivise your talkers

Whether it’s your sales team, your customer service squad, or the gaggle of networkers you take with you to events, make sure that you create real brand advocates out of them. Treat them with respect, first and foremost, and brief them on what’s going well and what isn’t. But moreover, give them a little incentive with a reward system. They should believe in what they’re selling, but raising the stakes some can be just the push they need to sell it even harder.

Free is always good

When you’re at conferences and networking events, or inviting people to the office, giving them a little something they can take away can do wonders. Many businesses use the strategy of freebies to scattershot their brand out there. But the best businesses offer something with real value, something that others aren’t giving. Instead of the same mug or USB pen that your competitors give, offer something unique. Trolley coins are easily branded and not quite as ubiquitous. Even things like branded hand sanitiser or mints have an immediate value in the crowded context of a conference.


If you have a chat with someone and you exchange contact details, send a follow-up email. It doesn’t matter if they’re not a valuable lead. People remember good etiquette. What’s more, if they are a valuable lead or you have a truly engaging conversation, you shouldn’t fail to capitalise. It’s easy to send follow-up emails and it can more valuable than you might think

Naturally, all of the tips have to be supported by running a business that’s actually worth remembering. A product that stands out and customer service that actually services the customer are essential.

DIY Projects That Are Cheaper Than Hiring Someone

There are a lot of DIY projects around the home that you can do that are cheaper than hiring someone. Hiring a professional can be expensive, and if you have the time and energy to complete it yourself, then you might as well save yourself some money.

DIY Projects

Fitting Carpet

Fitting a carpet might sound complicated, but it really isn’t. This is even truer if you buy a carpet that comes in squares and each one is fitted separately. If you are fitting a single roll carpet, then you might want a second pair of hands to help you lay it out flat and ensure there aren’t any kinks or lumps in the carpet. However, you can rope in a friend, child or spouse to help with this and fit the carpet no problem. By fitting the carpet yourself, you might be able to afford a more expensive and luxurious carpet because you don’t need to pay for the fitting. To fit most carpets, you will need to first lay down the underlay, and they layer the carpet over the top. However, some carpets are different from others, so you should check with the store what the best way to fit it is and follow an online tutorial when fitting to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Painting and Wallpaper

Both painting and wallpapering are excellent DIY projects that are so much cheaper to do yourself. This assumes that you have the time, but neither take especially long so you might as well save yourself the cash. This is especially true for wallpapering which can take only a matter of minutes if you know what you are doing. When it comes to painting if you have a roller and large brush then you can quickly cover the wall with your chosen paint before going over the edges with a smaller brush. Just make sure not to spill any paint on the floor or other places as this can be a pain to remove. You should put newspaper or sheets down to prevent this from happening. Both of these are fairly easy to do and can a be a relaxing activity that you can enjoy doing. This is true for a lot of DIY, so whether you need some sandstone sealer or to fix the garage door, you can take the time to enjoy whatever you are doing.


A lot of people will already fit their own shelving, but some might not. Most pre-bought shelves will come with instructions on how to fit them, so you can follow this guide when doing the DIY. However, make sure that you have a measuring tape and a spirit level so that your shelves are flat and not dipping to one side. You might also want a second pair of hands to help you keep everything in place when it comes to screwing or drilling the shelves into place, too. However, you will likely be able to manage by yourself unless the shelves are high off the ground or particularly heavy and large.

Let It Go! 3 Signs Your Business Is No Longer Viable

When you start a business it is all consuming in the way it affects every aspect of your life. It probably took a lot of research and financial investment to get your business up and running and you have probably given the running of your business as much attention as is needed by a new baby! In fact you could describe your business as “your baby”.

You believed that your business would succeed and you developed a business plan which showed year upon year of profitability and success. 

No Longer Viable

Suddenly, you begin to have second thoughts. Perhaps your drive has gone, or the business is not doing as well as expected? It is easy to become disillusioned and feel that your business is a failure. Remember though that lots of very successful entrepreneurs have been through exactly the same experience. Most of these successful business owners have a whole host of so called “failed” businesses behind them. Each business reached its natural end and so was either absolved or sold. One thing is for sure the skills gained during the process of starting a business can be used to further your future business plans. No time has been wasted, so brush yourself down, hold your head up high and move onto your next plan.

The decision to end a business is tricky, but must be done if it is no longer viable. There are signs that your business is not sustainable, some of which are discussed below.

Not profitable

It is normal for a business to run without profit for several years, whilst it becomes established. Costs relating to setting up the business such as the purchase of equipment will also cancel out initial profits. If you are still not making a profit after several years, or your predicted profits on your business plan are not being achieved, you need to take stock and reassess your businesses viability. Financial advisors would be worth consulting, as they can give advice on how your personal capital is being affected by your business. If you have put all strategies in place to give your business as much chance as possible to grow, it may be time to admit defeat and let it go.

Change in market trends

It may be the case that your products or services are no longer in demand, meaning there is no market for your business to grow. Trends change so rapidly and businesses need to keep up to date with developments, so that they know what the next “big thing” will be. If you cannot tweak what you offer in order to meet current demands it would be best to absolve the business. There’s nothing stopping you from relaunching another in the future. What you need to avoid is going into debt.

Loss of interest

Running a successful business requires passion for it to succeed, if you no longer love what you do there will be no driving force to move your business forward. Admitting that you don’t enjoy your product or service is the first step. If your business is profitable and viable you could sell up, otherwise it would be best to end the business to avoid going into debt.
Moving forward, it is good to know when to quit. You can use your skills in other areas in order to develop another business in the future.

Making Your Business Environmentally Friendly

There is more and more focus on how we live our lives these days. We make conscious decisions everyday to make purchases, be that online or in person. We are always been made aware of things we can be doing to save our planet and lowering our carbon footprint, but are you doing all you can with your business? There are many different ways you can make an impact and become much more environmentally friendly. So I thought I would share with you some of the ways that you can do that.

Eco Friendly

Making the packaging more environmentally friendly

First of all, why not look at ways that you can make your packaging more environmentally friendly? Sometimes businesses in the past have been accused of using too much packaging for their items, when smaller more slim lined options could not only save on the materials you use, but could also help on your mission to be a little more eco focused. Things like custom stand up pouches for liquids or food items, or something vacuumed packed which could then save on the outer materials for delivery purposes. If you research your options enough, you are sure to find a more suitable method of packaging for the items and products you sell. 

Changing the habits in your office

Sometimes it is just the habits that you change that can make the biggest difference, and if there is more than one of you in the office or working environment, then it needs to be a collective decision to make some changes. Switching computers off at the end of the day instead of leaving them on standby. Switching lights off and turning off heating or cooling systems can not only help the environment, but also bring down your energy costs. 

Recycling old technology

Many working environments will know that you can go through technology fairly fast. With the introduction of new systems, fast processors and quicker speeds for the likes of internet, you may find that you have an abundance of old tech lying around. A great tip is to look into recycling these older models instead of sending them to landfill. 

Alternative methods of delivery

Could you be doing more with your delivery methods? Perhaps looking into lower emissions vehicles for your fleet or choosing courier and delivery service companies that also have an eco approach to the way they do business. There are other options to consider, and sometimes, delivery methods can be the area that impacts the environment the most. 

Making the premises more eco-friendly

Finally, there are other ways you can make your working environment that bit more eco-friendly. First up, think of the bulbs you use to light the office or warehouses that you have. Changing these can be a simple decision, but the impact on your energy costs could be astronomical. You could also change heating and air conditioning systems for more up to date environmentally friendly models. 
I hope that this has given you some incentive to make some changes to your business this year.

How Your Business Could Be Saving And Making Money

Believe it or not, saving money and making money are not two mutually exclusive things in the world of business. You don’t always have to cut corners to save money, and you don’t always have to spend a fortune to make money. There are ways to save money and actually make your business more profitable. It might require more work but that’s why you got into this game in the first place. Here’s a look at some of the ways in which your business could be saving and making money.

social trends

Utilize your existing customers

The best kind of marketing is free marketing, as we’ll mention throughout this article. If you really want to advertise your business without spending a thing, however, then you should look to your existing customers. Word of mouth marketing is the oldest kind of advertising on earth and, with the help of the internet, this can now work on a larger scale than ever before. But you need to incentivize those happy customers to tell their friends about you. You could start a referral scheme through which you offer rewards such as discounts to customers who tell their friends about you (given that those friends then make a purchase from your business using a referral code).

Widen your online footprint

The internet isn’t just a tool that’s helpful for businesses. In this digitally-oriented era, it’s absolutely essential for businesses. And you’re definitely going to find that your business is out of the loop if you don’t have a big online footprint. This isn’t to say that traditional methods of marketing your brand through billboards and posters out in the real world don’t still make an impact on people but you’re certainly not reaching the entirety of your target market.

Widening your online footprint starts with a better website. You need to rank well on search engines so as to ensure potential customers find your business before others in your industry. You might want to look into a professional SEO company to help you with this. This is all part of a bigger game to widen your online footprint. Plus, online marketing is far cheaper than traditional methods of marketing; you can spread your brand throughout the internet by spending next to nothing if you’re smart.

Promote better brand values

As discussed in the previous point, your brand is your business’ biggest money-maker. And there’s no denying the importance of social trends when it comes to building a highly profitable business. In the modern age, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with the ethical implications of the goods and services they buy from companies in every industry. No business is exempt, whether you’re running a small local firm or a huge international empire. You need to promote better brand values and that starts with you focusing on what it is that your company represents. It doesn’t matter how fascinating your industry might be; any business can cultivate an exciting brand.

At the end of the day, you have to build more than a corporate shell. You need to focus on the people working within your business and the people to whom you’re selling products. Think about things that matter to human beings. You could create the most eco-friendly business in your industry, for example. And this won’t just make a profit from impressed customers but also save money. Cutting down on paper will reduce business costs, for example. And using less electricity or water in the workplace will reduce your utility bills. It’s a win-win situation.

How to Use Your Amex Reward Points

American Express is a financial service that deals with credit cards, traveller’s business cheques and charge cards. Amex membership reward program is an attractive program in which anyone can participate. The more you spend with your Amex cards, the more points you'll gain. You can redeem these points to enjoy lavishing rewards and incentives.

Reward Points

Amex rewards can be claimed by registered members. Many businesses also use the reward system to appreciate the efforts of their employees. Let’s take a look at the top ways you can use your Amex reward points:

Travel to Your Favourite Destination

Book vacation to your favourite city with Amex rewards points. The package includes one-way or round-trip ticket, hotel room reservation, car rental service, and cruise trip. You can make the entire payment with your Amex points or pay a partial amount with your credit card. Make sure you have 5,000 or more points in your account to make payments.

Amex reward points can be used with top airlines such as Qantas Airways, Etihad Airways, Virgin Australia and Singapore Airlines.

Get Discounts on Flight Fares

American Express offers deals and discounts on air tickets for loyal members. You can use your Amex points to book tickets via Expedia at discounted rates. These discounts are available on certain flights for a brief time. Therefore, keep an eye on offers so that you don’t miss on the best deals in town.

Pay Taxi Fare

American Express partners with NYC Taxi for its reward program. Registered members can now pay their taxi fare via their reward points. All you need to do is to swipe your valid American Express card to redeem points. You can log in to your online account to check your point balance.

Purchase Latest Tech

American Express reward program makes online shopping convenient for members. You can log in to your account and purchase electronic equipment, computers, gaming consoles, sports goods and latest tech gadgets with your Amex points.

Online Shopping

Amazon is one of the biggest online shopping centres. Here you can find everything such as books, movie collections, sports equipment, automotive supplies, gardening tools, beauty products and what not. You can now buy items and have them delivered to your doorstep.

There is no need to spend hours on grocery shopping. American Express reward program gives access to one of the largest food delivery system, Grubhub. You can order groceries to prepare meals at home or book your order for deliveryor takeout from restaurants. The service operates in more than 1100 cities and you can treat yourself to delicious meals from more than 50,000 top restaurants.

Business Travel

American Express makes corporate travel more convenient. The reward program helps you reduce your travel expense by up to 40%. It’s a great idea to redeem your Amex rewards points for additional travel options or upgrades.

Ticketmaster is another service offered by American Express. You can book tickets for events held anywhere in the country. You don’t need to worry about exceeding your budget, since you can easily use your reward points to purchase event tickets.

Luxurious London Locales - Splashing Out When Money Doesn't Matter

London has it all. Not only is it the Capital of the Country, but it’s also a Fashion and Finance Capital of the world. Where money and glamour meet, you will never be short of finding things to do that may well be out of range of the pauper's purse. So if you fancy splashing the cash and experiencing all that London has to offer, here are a few ideas to take you off the beaten path and into the world of the wealthy.

Spend A Night Like Stiller

Live the movies; the Natural History Museum makes it possible to skip the crowds and sleep under the dino-stars! This adults-only overnight option includes music and movies, a sumptuous breakfast buffet along with craft beer and wine. 


An Eye In The Sky

Taking a flight on the London Eye can be a thrilling experience, one enjoyed by tourists worldwide. You can convert this experience into a private event by booking a capsule entirely for you and your guests. One of the most exclusive choices is champagne tasting capsule, reserved for up to 30 guests while enjoying five Pommery Champagnes.

Sumptuous Salvatore

Head on over to Mr Salvatore Calabrese’s bar at the Playboy Club where he expertly crafted the world’s most expensive cocktail using four ingredients: a 1778 Clos de Griffier Vieux Cognac, a 1770 Kummel Liqueur, a circa 1860 Dubb Orange Curacao and a few dashes of circa 1900s Angostura Bitter. This incredible concoction will only set you back approximately £5,500 per drink!

Glamour on the Orient Express

The Orient Express is world renowned as the world’s first international luxury express train, whisking you away to Berlin, Paris or Venice. Play detective while enjoying a five-course lunch with champagne and half a bottle of wine per person. It doesn't take much working out that it’s one of the more expensive days out you could opt for.

Take a Bite of the Bling Burger

The £1,100 Glamburger crafted by Chef Chris Large of Honky Tonk is the world’s most expensive burger. What makes it such an exclusive eat? The patty is made from Kobe Wagyu beef and New Zealand venison, topped with black truffle brie. It also contains saffron poached lobster, Beluga caviar, hickory smoked duck egg, a mango and champagne jus, grated white truffle and maple syrup coated streaky bacon. Even the bun is a gold standard! It is covered in gold leaf and seasoned with Japanese matcha and cream mayonnaise. 

Flight of Fancy

The London Helicopter company offers different packages you can choose from, including a private tour package (£1,500 for six people), whisking you 1,000 feet above and around the city for 30 minutes. The tour covers over 30 iconic London landmarks including the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace.

Live in Luxury

There is no point crunching the credit cards to go then and stay at a cut-price accommodation. Top off the tour lining in luxury in one of the apartments from London serviced apartments. This way, when inviting your new celebrity friends back for a bottle of Bollinger, the image of indulgence never slips!

3 Reasons You Should Get Rid of Your Car

Having a car feels like a must these days and judging by the number of cars on the road, it seems that everyone and his dog owns one. Though they are certainly the easiest way to get about, cars are also incredibly expensive to run, heavily polluting and lead to an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. 

Reasons You Should Get Rid of Your Car

You might not want to get rid of your car, but the reasons for doing so are quite compelling - and it’s not like you can’t get in a car ever again…

Cars Are Expensive

You would think that the main cost of a car is the car itself, but actually, mounting insurance costs mean that in some cases, young drivers are paying more for their insurance for the year than they are for the car itself. This means that even once you have made your first big payment, your insurance is going to double that money - and let’s not even think about the consequences of having to make a claim. 

Furthermore, as fuel prices rise and parking within town and city centres gets more expensive, the cost of driving day to day is going up too. Though the car might be the most convenient method of getting to work, unless you have a free car park and fuel paid for, it’s likely that a train or a bus will be better for your commute. You can make this even cheaper by purchasing a monthly or yearly pass.

The Are Plenty of Other Modes of Transport

Getting about has never been easier and though we like to complain about public transport, the network is continuing to spread far and wide, connecting more and more people. The choice of public transport is also diversifying, especially within larger cities where innovation is key to getting people about. 

With apps like Uber and Lyft catching on, it is getting even easier to get a shared or solo ride in the city. These apps are usually free, easy to use and could definitely replace much of your dependence on your own car. If you are new to the idea, a lyft coupon code could be just the thing to get you started.

Walking is Best

If you still aren’t convinced about alternative transport options, walking is a great way to get fitter, improve your mood and slim down. Though living close to work might be more difficult for city workers, walking shouldn’t be discounted as a solution to making other transports more affordable. For example, you could save money by parking in a cheaper car park a little further away and walking the remaining distance. 

As a society, we have all become too dependent on our cars but, even just reducing the amount you use your car will have a big impact. Consider it this way: add up all the costs your car will rack up over the year including insurance, petrol and parking, and then divide this by the average cost of a taxi or a ride on public transport. 

If the alternative is cheaper, why would you keep the car?

It's Always Possible To Improve Your Financial Situation

There are few things in life that cause more stress for the vast majority of people than money. Whether you like it or not, money really does make the world go round, and if you don't have enough of it, it can make your life incredibly stressful and frightening. For a lot of people, it can feel as though the moment that their financial position starts to slip, that there's no way to pull it back again. However, that's not true. There are always things that you can do in order to get back into a more comfortable financial position. Here are just a few of them.

Improve Your Financial Situation

Remortgage your home

The idea of remortgaging their home is something that makes a lot of people feel very nervous when they really don't need to. The truth this that a very large proportion of loans given out every year and remortgages and they can often make life much easier. Remortgaging often allows you to get a much better interest rate and reduce your repayments, especially when you have equity in your home that you can place against it. Of course, you need to be aware of things like remortgaging conveyancing costs and other fees involved but they are often worth the financial benefits that come with it. It might sound like a scary idea, but it really can make a huge difference to your current financial situation.

Cut your spending 

One harsh truth that a lot of people fail to pay attention to is the fact that most of us are simply spending more than we need to on a regular basis. It isn't even on large or extravagant purchases either. The reality is that most of us are spending far too much money on little things that might, on their own, seem incredibly insignificant. However, those little purchases can add up incredibly quickly, and before you know it, you'll be staring at your bank balance wondering what on earth happened. It's an easy habit to slip into and a tough one to break, but it's crucial that you take control of your spending habits if you want to improve your financial situation.


Think very carefully about your home and ask yourself, do you really need the amount of space that you have? Many of us love the fact that our homes offer a lot of space and places with specific purposes like a garage and a home office. However, many of these things aren't exactly essential, and it's a good idea to think carefully about whether or not you could go without them. Many homes that are just a little smaller are far cheaper which is going to make life much easier for you and your bank balance without really having to force you to sacrifice that much.

The reality is that there are always plenty of ways to get your finances back on track, it's just a matter of figuring out which methods work best for you and your personal circumstances. The important thing is that you don't panic and that you never assume that all is lost. No matter how bleak your financial landscape might seem, there is always a way out of it and a hope that things can start to improve.

Making Money: Do You Have What It Takes to be a Butler?

Butlers are known for having a high level of professionalism. Of course, it’s important to know that there is no formal education required for you to be a butler, but it does help for you to have some level of training as this can really help you to land a great job. You can actually get this training from a university or even from a hospitality program, so you won’t have any worries there. If you have friends or even family that work as butlers then consider asking them about their position and the qualities they have developed over the years.


A lot of employers will want you to have a high school certification. It does help to go to university as well, but if you don’t have time for this or if you know that university is not for you then one thing that you can do about this is make sure that you enrol in a communications program. This will teach you how to effectively deal with people while also helping you to know if there is anything that you can do to improve the way that you conduct yourself.


Formal Training

There are a lot of formal training academies out there that can help you with this and they can show you how to become a butler. When you attend a full course, you can expect to be trained in things such as table service, cleaning around the house and various other professional management programs. You can do this intensively over the course of two weeks or less in most cases, and this is ideal if you want to make money fast without having to worry about a thing. This is especially useful if you want to change jobs or if you are out of a job and need to get some fast experience.

Developing your Skills

It helps to start out as a footman. This is the person who serves the butler as their next-in-line, or even as an understudy. If you want to make the most out of your experience as a butler then one way for you to get around this would be for you to use companies such as Irving Scott to apply for positions. This is by far the easiest way for you to secure a job in a domestic household.


Maid Experience

Don’t just limit yourself to being a butler. If you see a job opening for a maid then you should take this position and get some solid experience. By working as a maid, you will gain some useful skills that can also be applied to your work as a butler. When applying for positions, try and avoid job openings for janitorial work because this won’t help you as much if you are training to be a butler and you could potentially be wasting your time.

Being a butler is a great job and it is also very well paid, but in order to pursue this as a career option, experience is very important and you have to have a good level of customer service as well. If you think you have what it takes however, then you could have a very lucrative career ahead of you.

3 Frugal Tips That Seem Backward But Actually Work

This article looks at three frugal tips that might seem backward at first glance but actually work very effectively.


A lot of times people are focused on getting a cheap deal, when what they should perhaps be more concerned about is getting good value!  See, you can buy a cheap car for instance, but that doesn’t mean it’s good value - or will even save you money in the long run.  If you consider how much some ‘cheap cars’ cost to repair, or in the event it breaks down on the motorway and you need to pay for recovery - buying cheap can be a false economy.

Frugal Tips

Buying products on sale, however, is a completely different kettle of fish.  Buying things on sale is great, as long as you were going to buy the product in the first place - because often times, we are motivated to purchase the sale item just because it’s on sale; irrespective of whether we need it or not.

Try to avoid buying cheap products, as you tend to get what you pay for, and the saying “buy cheap, buy twice” is often proven to be very true!  However, this doesn’t tend to apply on items such as supermarket branded food items; there are likely to be the same quality item as non-generic brands; just in generic packaging.


Depending on your age and driving history, car insurance can be extremely expensive. Along with the capital outlay of purchasing a reliable car, taxing it and keeping up with the somewhat costly requirement to service and MOT the vehicle - owning a car can be a very costly affair.  If you don’t need a car all the time, then consider renting one from a reputable car rental company as and when needed; there are plenty of deals for less than £99 per week, which when you consider a week’s worth of temporary car insurance can be almost that much - is a great bargain.  

In a similar vein to renting a car, you might have asked yourself the question “should I lease a car?”  Some leasing companies have great deals on long term car leases, and it means that you don’t have to worry about the ‘behind the scenes’ costs of running a car.  Whilst in theory, leasing can be a cost-effective way to ensure you always have a hassle-free new car parked on your driveway, it is worth considering that you are paying for the car, almost like a service rather than a product - as you never own the vehicle yourself… but as cars are depreciating assets, in many ways, this is advantageous to you.


It can be expensive to have all the common insulations for your home like double glazing, cavity wall insulation, and decent loft insulation. Sometimes you might question whether it is worth it from a financial point of view.  However, it is surprising how fast it can all add up when the heat your boiler is generating (at a significant cost) is literally escaping out the walls.  The great news here is that there are lots of schemes available to help you pay for environmentally friendly energy conserving materials, so dig in online, and arrange for your home to be more energy efficient.