Making the most financially out of an office move

Moving your workforce not only puts your organization skills to the test, but it also takes a fair bit of research to ensure you are getting the best deal and what is the the best move for your business in the long-term on a financial basis.
Making the most financially out of an office move

There are many factors you need to deliberate to make the move work and maximize your profits, whilst not losing out to new clientele as a result of moving to an area where your business doesn’t have any reach.

Whether you’re looking for Kingsway Business Park Industrial Units to let in Manchester or hoping to even purchase a building completely, here are some key areas in which you need to focus on to make the move as profitable as possible.

Researching the area thoroughly

The condition of a building isn’t everything when moving offices; it is also about how good the surrounding area is. There’s no point in moving to a town that’s dead on its feet in terms of good business; you will need to look to see if local businesses are up and running, because a town with closed shops and empty offices probably means that you’re likely to struggle too.

Also, you’ll need to make sure your own business will be able to attract new customers and clients; otherwise your company will struggle to expand in the future. Current customers should also be able to travel easily to your new base of operations or they might leave you as a result.

What kind of office do you need?

If you’re upsizing, you must be doing well, but make sure you’re not getting greedy and looking at an office that will house your staff and have room left for a whole other company. Look to get an office that fits your employees in, as well as just a little more space for further expansion.

If it’s the other way around and you don’t see your company expanding in the near future and you’ve got plenty of spare space, you could save money instantly just by downsizing and bring your cost well down.

Buy, rent or lease?

The main worry about owning your own office or building will always be about losing money on it if you ever come to move; plus, owning your own property will make you reluctant to leave when needs be. Renting seems to be the way forward for most and is also the safest option, despite the whole ‘dead money’ moniker.

Renting is also the easiest way to control your monthly payments and know that they will not increase, or at least not go up by much and there’s no real worry of interest on your payments.


Other considerations should include the amount of new equipment that will need to bring in. This goes especially for those looking to upsize, with such implements as computers, desks, and even simple things like lighting having the potential to cost a small fortune.

Visualize how you plan to layout your office in order to know exactly what you will need and you will be able to make a list of what’s needed before moving in.

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