Everybody knows that good customer service should be your number one priority when you’re running a business. If you don’t offer a good service, customers will tell all of their friends and even post terrible reviews about you online which is really going to affect sales. Most companies understand that they need to give great customer service when they’re selling products, but that’s only step one. You also need to be giving good customer service at every other stage of your dealings with a customer, even after you’ve made the sale. These are the steps to great customer service that you might be missing. 
Customer Service
Make It Easy To Buy
This sounds like a no brainer but you’d be surprised how many companies are making it difficult for their customers to buy their products online. Some companies come up with a flashy website idea that opens on a homepage with loads of great videos and pictures, telling the story of the product etc. but customers struggle to find where they actually buy the thing. It’s easy to get caught up in grand ideas for the website and forget about actually making it functional but it’s vital. Customers don’t want to work hard to buy something so if they can’t find it right away, they’ll leave it. It’s also frustrating if the checkout process takes ages to get through and is slow to load, so make sure that you’re spending a bit of money on a good ecommerce platform. 
Deliver Products Quickly 
If you’re selling online, you need to deliver products quickly, otherwise, customers will get frustrated. You’re competing with the likes of Amazon that offer one day shipping on a lot of their products so, while you don’t need to match that, you do need to get products out to customers as quickly as possible because expectations are high these days. If you’re struggling to get products out quickly, you’ve probably got an issue with your supply chain and shipping services somewhere. Get some expert advice from consultants like Paul Trudgian who can help you to identify where the inefficiencies are and show you how to iron them out. By streamlining your shipping process, you’ll make customers a lot happier and see a whole lot more great reviews on your website which will drive sales further. 
Email Etiquette 
Everybody knows that when you’re speaking with a customer on the phone, you need to be polite to them, but people don’t always follow the same rules when emailing. People often consider it a more informal way of communicating so they don’t use the same tone that they would on the phone. The problem is, things can easily get lost in translation when you’re emailing and so a sentence that you didn’t intend to be rude or sarcastic could seem that way to a customer which is bad news for you, especially if you’re dealing with a complaint. Whenever you email a customer, think about how they might interpret what you’ve said before you hit send. 
These are some of the aspects of customer service that you’re probably missing out on but it’s vital that you sort them out right away. 

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