Probably the worst nightmare of a small business is getting a negative review of the business or some infuriating complaint on the social media where all other social networking friends will be able to see the message. Although such fears can be overrated, but 70% of the consumers are of the opinion that they rely on online reviews more whenever they find both negative and positive ones. So, you can well understand that the requirement to handle your online reputation is necessary.
online reputation
But what are the ways in which you can handle your online reputation? Should you just adopt a reputation management strategy which can help you deal with your online reputation? What does such a strategy entail? Let’s take a look at the few steps to take.
Keep a close watch on what people online are saying about you
With such large numbers of blogs, social networking sites and review sites out there, you might feel it’s impossible to track your online reputation. There are several tools which help you in tracking several websites, including blogs and social networking sites and monitor each and every mention of your business. You get alerts of both positive and negative reviews regarding your business. This way you will know what is being said about you. 
Negative reviews and comments should be responded instantly
Rather than ignoring a customer, you should always respond to the customers as this is good for shaping a good reputation for your business. According to a survey, 35% of people who were responded by the company after they left a negative review later on wrote a positive review, 36% deleted whatever they wrote in the negative review and 20% later on became loyal and reliable customers of the business. So, it clearly implies that unsatisfied customers are just waiting to be heard. Of course, you might want some training when it comes to shaping your reputation and knowing how to respond to negative reviews, which is where a reputation management agency would be able to help you. 
Stop being defensive when you reply back to negative comments
While it is vital that you respond to criticism and other negative comments immediately, that doesn’t mean that you will post anything that comes to your mind. When someone speaks ill about your business, it’s natural that you might feel infuriated but don’t let the world see your anger. You shouldn’t be dealing with anger online. Instead, you may begin to apologize and later on take the issue offline.
Sent positive vibes and getting proactive
It is vital for you to be proactive instead of being reactive, especially as long as your business’ image is concerned. Take a strict charge of your online presence. Make sure you design a good quality business website. You can make use of Lighthouse 360 which automatically requests for reviews once some specific job is completed. These will play a role in formulating a positive impact for your business. 
Therefore, if you’re someone who is all set to start off your business online, make sure you opt for the best reputation management strategy which entails all the above mentioned steps. Keep your customers happy to keep moving forward.

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