Hunting For Value: Sleuthing Tips To Guarantee A Good Deal

We all like to think we’re pretty good at getting the best item for the best price these days. After all, we have the internet at our fingertips and cautionary tales from friends as a reminder to look before we leap. We know the little tricks, like stocking up on non-perishable items when they’re on offer, or using an app that gets you gourmet restaurant food for chump change near closing time.
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Nine times out of ten, we’re right to be that confident. That’s how you get bargains; by stocking up on cheap items you can save hundreds of dollars per year, and by hanging in the discount aisle you can get unspoiled food that can then go into the freezer. We also know how to compare financial services and products to get the best deal. Don’t we?
Maybe, maybe not. The truth is that we mostly have the right idea about how to find the best financial services, but sometimes the things “everybody knows” aren’t true. They may get you a good deal, but will they get you the best deal? There is a difference. Observe the following tips if you’re still skeptical.
Comparison Shopping Is More Complex Than You Thought
Comparing financial products has been made easier by the introduction of comparison sites, no doubt about it. That’s “easier”; not necessarily “better”. The truth is that not every financial product or service is picked up by comparison sites. Some financial businesses actively avoid collaborating with those sites because they tend to have to pay a chunk for leads that come through them. They save that contribution and in many cases, pass the saving on to the customer. That means the best deal on a comparison site may not be the best deal.
A Deep Dive Is Better Than A Wide Net
In seeking out the best deal, you may check a number of sources, including top ten insurance providers and rundowns of which mortgage might suit you. If you’re honest, though, do you read beyond the first page of search results? Any lower than the top five? Mostly, we think that running as many as five comparisons will get us the result we’re after.
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The bad news is that a wide search is not as useful as a deep one. That means going beneath the surface, off the front page of search engines. Many of the best mortgage websites will actually spend more time and money honing their products rather than focusing on SEO. As a result, they may fall into the second or third page or beyond — so it’s up to you to find them.
Your Credit Record May Be Lying
Credit reference agencies hold a lot of sway over our lives. A bad credit check can deny us the house, the car and even the job we’ve coveted for so long. Which may seem fair until you realize that sometimes, the information they hold on you is inaccurate. You’re entitled to see your credit records, so request copies of them and go through them. Fixing inaccuracies in your credit record could make a difference of thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars over the life of a mortgage; or even decide whether or not you get a mortgage.
What are your best deal-hunting strategies? 

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