If you have a family, making sure you’re being as smart as possible with your finances is a must. You need to make sure you’re being aware of what you have coming in, and what you have going out to get the best results and live a high quality of life. Here are 4 clever family finance moves you can make: 
Come Up With A Family Budget
Coming up with a family budget and sticking to it is very important. Know what you have coming in and going out, then factor in your most important weekly/monthly payments. Save some, and know exactly how much you have for entertainment purposes! Doing this can make you feel like you have even more money than ever before. 
Have Bi-Weekly Meetings
Having financial meetings not only makes sure that everybody is on the same page, it also teaches your kids a lot about money so they feel confident as they earn when they age. 
Give Your Kids Pocket Money
Giving your kids pocket money is another great way to teach them financial lessons. This way, you’ll know how much they are getting off you every week, and you aren’t just blindly spending! 
Know When To Lease/Buy
Knowing when to lease and when to buy is crucial for your family’s happiness. Sometimes leasing will be more beneficial, and sometimes buying outright will be more beneficial. Your car, for example, is a huge expense and must be taken care of correctly. The infographic below can help you to figure out whether to lease or buy.

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