Spinning Plates? Don’t Let Your Finances Crash Around You

Personal finances can be a tricky area to manoeuvre, especially if you have debt that you need to be paying off, as well as all of your other bills. However, many of us will agree that we all would like a brighter future when it comes to personal finances, and put ourselves in a much more comfortable situation each month. No one likes to be counting the days down to their next paycheck. Which is why I thought it would be worth sharing with you some of the ways you can improve your finances each month, enabling you to carry on with everything else going on in life. 
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Take a long hard look at your debt
Not everyone has debt, but a good proportion of the population will have something they owe. This might be a store card or a bank loan, or even a credit card or overdraft. Look at your debt and consolidate the amount together. You might want to consider getting a new loan to pay off all of your smaller amounts. This way you save on interest and only have one payment leaving your account each month. Student loans are also something that many people have, having various forms of them from their study, so take a look online to research the best company to consolidate student loans and ensure you only pay out what you need to. The idea is to pay off the debt sooner rather than later, without paying out more than you need to in interest charges. When it comes to your monthly finances, these debts are definitely a priority. 
Looks at your existing household bills
Often there are savings to be made each month on the bills you happily let leave your account each month. For example, your energy bill for gas or electric. Sometimes comparing other providers and switching can offer you huge savings, as these companies tend to save their best deals for new business. Other things to consider would be your mobile phone provider and your car or home insurance. One big tip would be to look through your previous bank statements to see if you are paying out for things you don’t use or need. You would be surprised how many people pay out for a gym membership they thought they had cancelled 
Save on things you still have to pay out for
We all need groceries, clothes to wear and things for our home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save on the amount you have to spend. Shopping online for groceries is a great way to save. This encourages you to only buy what you need rather than being sucked into special offers on items you probably don’t want. Buying clothes in the sale instead of as and when you need them is another great way to save. You could also look online for vouchers and discount codes for restaurants and shops. These can sometimes offer half the money off if you find the right deals. 
I hope these tips help you get your personal finances in check.

Denny Jones

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