When it comes to your business, there are a number of ways your company can save money, from trying to go more green and lowering the cost of utility bills, to using online cloud storage instead rather than purchasing additional storage devices. Another method involves EMC testing your wireless equipment, which could save costly legal issues, complications and money loss further down the line.
Why Testing Equipment Can Save Your Business Money
But what is EMC testing? Why do you need to test your equipment? And how can it save your business money?
What is EMC Testing?
EMC stands for Electro Magnetic Compatibility, a phrase which makes it sound a lot more complicated than it needs to. Essentially, EMC testing involves measuring how electronic equipment interacts with its surrounding environment, as well as other equipment in the vicinity. All electronic and electrical devices can emit electromagnetism and as the world becomes more immersed in technology, such a high density of electrical products means that there is a lot of potential for interference.
EMC is a series of tests carried out using specialist equipment (such as these from MCS) to ensure that a product is able to function compatibly within its electromagnetic environment, without causing a significant disturbance to any other devices.
Does Your Business Need EMC Testing?
EMC testing and compliance is a legal requirement across most of the world, including America, Europe and China, but is it something your business needs? As a general rule, if your company is involved in the design, production and manufacture of electronic items, it is safe to say that EMC testing will likely be applicable and should be a high priority. The rules also concern those companies who are involved in the import and export of electronics, too.
How Can EMC Testing Save Money?
As long as a company considers the requirements of EMC testing early on, then there are a number of financial benefits. For example, there have been many cases of product recalls or withdrawals, because they did not meet EMC regulations and were not electromagnetically compatible. Not only can this be costly, but it can also damage the reputation of your business.
To save money, research regulations when designing or importing a new product. This includes items such as TVs, computers and cars. Consideration at this stage will prevent the expense of non-compliance, while also producing high quality products that boast a high level of performance.

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