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The folks over at share the steps on how to close your office for the holidays. 
ALERT: The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming! 
But before you get too excited planning your parties and making your shopping lists, there are things that need to be done at the office. 
Holiday season
Proper preparation before you close shop for the holidays will ensure that everything goes smoothly. This will also minimize the chance of having to address work-related concerns in the midst of the festivities.
Here is a simple list of what you need to do in anticipation of your office closure for the holidays:
1. Inform everyone
Everyone means: employees, suppliers and customers. 
Communication must be sent out at least two to four weeks in advance (the earlier, the better). Make sure that you reach each stakeholder via the proper channels to avoid miscommunication and surprises. 
It is helpful to post your official holiday schedule along your office’s main door or front desk, as well as the bulletin board. 
2. Assign point people
Appoint contact people in case of emergencies. Make sure that these are employees who will be in town during the holidays, and that they know how to address possible concerns.
A  contact information sheet with accurate names and phone numbers must be provided to your security services and other key stakeholders. 
3. Update your automated phone greeting
In case you have a company trunk line number with automated greeting, include information about your company’s holiday schedule 2-4 weeks before the said dates.
phone greeting
Emphasize on when everyone will be back to work and provide an email address where callers can send their concerns or inquiries in the meantime. Consider if you want to give an emergency contact number.
4. Plan deliveries in advance
Plot in receiving and delivery schedules in advance. If there are transactions that can be completed before the holiday cut-off, make sure that these get done. Otherwise, inform vendors and customers that operations will resume after the holidays, which might not be acceptable for them. 
5. Clean up!
Year-end is the perfect timing to organize your office and files. Backup important documents. If some papers have to be moved to a storage area, do it before you go on your holiday break. You would not want to start the new year with a messy desk and an unnecessary pile of paperwork.
Also check your pantry and office refrigerator and throw out perishable food items.  
6. Check all internal and external deadlines
Make sure all internal deadlines have been adjusted to accommodate the holidays. Urgent concerns might have to be finalized before vacation starts.
internal and external deadlines
Check that all agreements with external parties are fully accounted for. If updates would have to wait after the holidays, ensure that everyone involved in that project has been informed about it. 
7. Turn off and unplug some electrical equipment
Computers, printers, scanners, monitors, lights, copiers and shredders can be unplugged during your office break to save on electricity.

unplug some electrical equipment
If you decorated the office for the holidays, make sure that lights and ornaments are not left running while everyone is out. 
Some equipment that should not be shut off, however, are: phones and fax machines, refrigerators, servers and backup systems, and security systems. 
Alright, that’s about it! Refer to this checklist and everything should go smoothly as you sign off for your long-anticipated office break. 
Have a safe and happy holiday season!
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