When it comes to investments, you can’t go far wrong with property. While other areas of the market tend to be fragile, the property market tends to be stable for most investors. If you want a way to make long term profits, this idea could be the answer to your prayers. If this is the first time you have made a large investment, take a moment to look over these rules. Your money is precious, and so you need to do everything you can to protect it. 
Real Estate
#1 Get your finances in check before you buy 
Before you decide to look at any properties, you need to make sure that your finances can stretch to it. Hard money loans are specifically for real estate investments, and so you ought to consider them. You should also talk to your current accountant and ask them for advice. The last thing you want to do is mess up your finances by rushing ahead before you are ready. Getting a tailored loan could make a massive difference to your long term finances.
#2 Understand the terms of your contract
When you have chosen an ideal investment property, you need to see the contract. Much of the time, people don’t read the small print when they buy a property. There will be things in the contract that you need to know about, and so you should spend some time reading it. If you are unsure about any technical terms, you need to ask your realtor about them. The point is that you should not sign anything until you are clear on your side of the bargain. 
#3 Figure out your potential profits 
You need to know what profits you stand to make from this investment. For example, if you’re looking at a 2 bedroom house for sale in Dubai with the view to renting it out, think about how it will generate money; will people rent it from you? Whenever you spend money on something, you have to know what you will get out of it. This aspect of the transaction needs to be clear before you proceed. If you buy a house for more than it is worth, you are wasting your money. You should figure out what you can sell the property for in a few years’ time. In the meantime, you can profit by letting it out to tenants.
#4 Talk to an independent adviser 
Before you make this massive decisions, you need some straightforward advice. If you go to your bank, they will tell you what you need to do to get the most out of your money. Remember, it is in your bank manager’s interests to see you profit from this venture, and so you they will help you in any way they can. 
#5 Consider any interior work that you need to do
When you view the house, you need to take a checklist with you so that you know what you need to do to the interior. If the property needs a load of work, you will have to pay for it. Sometimes, taking on a house that you will revamp is a secure way to double your cash. Other times, you will waste your finances on a project that will not pay off for you. 
#6 Haggle with your real estate agent 
When it comes to money, you always want to get the best possible deal. Don’t be afraid to challenge the real estate agent on the price. Much of the time, the asking price on a property is higher than it needs to be. You could knock that price down if you haggle with the agent. Beware of sales tactics. Your realtor will tell you that there are twenty other people waiting to buy this property. If that was true, they would not be bothering with you at all. 
When you are dealing with a load of money, you have to make sure that you make informed decisions. Walt Coulston will help you in this regard; he has over 20 years of experience in properties and in the real estate sector. There is also plenty of advice online that can help you. If you get things right, investing in property could be the best thing you ever did.

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