Many people struggle every day with the goal to save money for retirement, and when they finally reach the time for retirement, they think that constant money struggle is over. While money issues may be less prevalent in retirement, many people struggle to maintain the lifestyle they want without an income. 
Smart Ways to Make Money after Retiring
Even without going back to the normal day job routine, there are some simple ways people can earn extra income in retirement. Anyone can use these ideas to increase their wealth and live financially free. Here are six smart ways to make money after retiring. 
Apply for a reverse mortgage
A reverse mortgage is a smart choice for anyone who still owns their home after retiring. This is a tool that can allow people to stay in their homes for longer without having to worry about the mortgage payments. Anyone can find out how to get a reverse mortgage for their home to decrease their expenses. 
Get rid of some old stuff
Over the years, most people will accumulate a lot of things. Some of those things will be very useful for years to come, but other things may just be getting in the way after retirement. Anyone can start going through their things and selling some of the stuff they have no use for anymore for quick, easy cash. People can do this periodically to keep their homes clear of clutter and keep extra money in their pockets. 
Help young students
After retiring, many people may feel that they want to start giving back to younger people and starting what they have learned over their lifetime. Setting up a small tutoring business can be a great way to do this while earning more money. Anyone can set up regular tutoring times with students who need extra help to give back while making money. 
Be a mock online juror
Though jury duty is often something that many people despite being called in for, there is another way to give back to the judicial system. There are online websites that are looking for mock jurors to use as practice and research for real trials. Many sites will pay big money for a little bit of time and opinions on a practice trial. 
Give out some expertise
There are a lot of retirees who are lucky enough to live in the same area their entire lives. This may be a comfort that can lead to more for a retired person. Some websites and publications can use a retired person’s knowledge of the area to enhance the content they put out. People can charge for the information they give and the insights they offer
Find a profitable new hobby
Starting a new hobby is common in retirement. Many people will start a hobby just to have something to do, but starting a new hobby could also mean finding a new source of income. Anyone can sell their homemade items or otherwise use their hobby to make a little extra cash. 

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