Making the choice to move in with a significant other is a very big decision. Couples who cohabitate share not only their relationship, but also all of the things that make up their typical home lives. Living together can bring a whole new dimension to a couple’s relationship and give them a stronger bond that can last a lifetime. Living together has become a popular option for many couples because of these facts. 
5 Financial Tips for Living with a Significant Other
However, living together is not always easy. Many couple experience new issues that they might not have encountered otherwise. One of the most common problems that couples face is combining their finances when they are living together. This can be a complicated issue for couples who are not legally married or sharing any other finances beforehand. There are a lot of things that couples can and should do to prepare themselves financially for living together. Here are five financial tips for living with a significant other. 
Start combining services to save money
One of the reasons why couples choose to move in together other than to further their relationship is to save money. Couples can combine services like and split the cost to save a lot of money every month. This is a great way to ease financial burden and make the transition more enjoyable for everyone. 
Discuss debt right away
A lot of couples will have to face each other’s debt when they move in together for the first time. Every couple should be honest and upfront about their debt right away. This will prevent financial issues in the future and help the couple find a way to pay off each other’s debts more easily. This is an important step in gaining financial trust and transparency. 
Decide how to split expenses
When moving in together, couples will need to make the decision of who pays what when it comes to household expenses. Many couples choose to split expenses right down the middle. Other couples might want to split expenses depending on each other’s incomes. Either way, it is a good idea to discuss these things before the bills start coming in. 
Consider combining finances
The next step after moving in together for many couples is combining finances. Some couples, however, will choose to begin this process right away when moving in together. This can make the process easier and help couples learn to work together financially. Getting a bank account together can be a great way to make paying home bills easier. 
Document all big purchases for the other to see
Whether a couple is combining finances or not, couples who live together still need to consult each other when making big purchases. This can best be done by documenting all big purchases in a way that is easily seen to the other person. This will ensure that no one is sidelined by a big financial burden and couples can plan financially for their futures.

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