Christmas being our most awaited holiday is the time for greedy businessmen to earn some good cash. The present day idea of enjoying holidays includes spending lots of money and specially on gifts as people have various ways to spend money. But they do forget that these overspending could lead you to get into financial problems in a chain process. There are instances where people get in debt or they are bound to file bankruptcy, or unable to payoff the borrowed money, all these may lead you to a bad credit score which in turn would affect your life. Enjoying Christmas was not always so expensive for example the sixties and seventies were years where people enjoy a lot yet spent very less. If we take a few steps we could also do that because it’s no miracle but only your controlled monetary behavior.
Frugal Christmas
You might be wondering how that can really be possible in a modern day world where lifestyle has become so costly. Well here are a few tips that will reveal the ways to celebrate Christmas frugally.

Introduce the option of few gifts

If you have been buying lots of gifts for your dear ones for Christmas you could introduce the option of buying only a few gifts. Gifts that would be of use, or something that your kids are willing to pursue for long. Like if you have a college going kid, you could buy him a bicycle to go to college. He will be more than happy to have such a gift. In this way you could avoid spending lots of money this Christmas as he would not require to have any other gifts. Start saving now and in the upcoming festivities of 2014 and you will be able to save a lot of money by the next year.

Try to make some gifts on your own

You could follow a few websites that do share interesting tutorials on creating your own gifts and that varies from creating a vanilla cake to a nicely decorated craft. You could also create some cookies which would be best suited for the occasion. It would definitely showcase your involvement in the spirit of Christmas.

Give a new look to your food

This idea is a must for people who want to break the tradition of regular festive dishes. And seriously speaking you do not need to spend a lot of money to have attractive tasty dishes. How about decorating your cookies or adding some extra flavors by garnishing your lemon chicken with some herbs or serving it with jasmine rice. The fun will be filled up to the brim if you could arrange a contest among your kids and their friends to prepare some good decorated dish of their choice

Mini film festival

How about watching a movie together. There are many DVD’s available of movies that you haven’t watched and that would be a good day to watch a movie together and its a good form of entertainment as well.

Go for a drive and enjoy the decorations

Why not go out with your kids to watch out for the decorations. This is the exact time when we should go out as the city is covered with lights and there are lots of decorations with Christmas tree, a nice sledge with Santa. These will definitely be fun for your kids as they will enjoy the various displays.

Gather friends and family to sing Christmas carols

The idea is simply to call upon your friends and family members at your house to join in for singing the carol together. Someone could opt to play the piano and someone could handle the keyboard and others could sing. This is a magnificent way to save a lot of money yet have fun together.

The above discussed tips are ways to merge with the spirit and fun of Christmas along with conserving your hard earned money. Which was once possible can be made possible today also. Execute the steps and prove that you can make a CHANGE.

Merry Christmas !!!

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