Cedar Finance is one of the most trustworthy broker there is and being controlled by the CySec (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) only shows us that it’s secure and safe to invest your money with.

Trading has it risks, especially for those who lack experience in this domain and rather take this business as a gambling trick. Binary options are farm from gambling, it might require a hint of luck as any domain does but everything depends on how well you are informed.

Information is power and Cedar Finance knows this all too well, that is why there is a special domain on their web page called Traders Resources. There you can find titles such as Market News for all the daily updates and changes, Account types for those who wish to invest more or less, Islamic Trading Accounts, Asset index which is quite complete but more on that later, Expiry Rates for those who wish to see the evolution of an asset and of course the Glossary.

Avoid Trading Risk
The platform that Cedar Finance is offering is 100% web based which gives an incredible edge over the market because you can invest from anywhere using any computer without having to install any software. You simply log in using your account ID and Password which are protected using the latest encryption software.

There are two types of traders, beginners and experienced and Cedar Finance is suited for both. For the newbies there is a Trading Academy available where you can find titles such as: How to trade for the basics of basics, Trading Guide to make sure you know how the system works, Trading Videos where a financial expert will teach you step by step how to trade binary options, Traders Course for a deeper understanding of binary options, Webinars and ZOOM Magazine.

Depositing is easy and fast at Cedar Finance, you can deposit money via Credit Cards, e-wallets and Wire Transfer. The currency used is Euro, Pounds and Dollars, there is no fee when you deposit the minimum required amount and that is: 200 for e-wallet and credit cards and 500 for wire transfer (for a smaller amount you will have to pay a fee of 25). It must be mentioned that the maximum amount per transaction on credit cards is set at 5000 (USD, EUR, GBP).

The payout percentage system is balanced and with a good strategy can pay out incredible amounts. The percentage of payout can vary from 65% to 85% depending on the asset, method of trading and time. The assets available at Cedar Finance are as follow: 32 stocks, 9 commodities, 15 currency pairs and 27 indices.

Scamming isn’t possible at Cedar Finance, the platform is protected by top class SSL encryption. All sensitive information is protected and you are the only person who can access your account. It is very important to read the Terms and Conditions before trading, understanding how the broker works will help you avoid any problems which some customers get into by own fault and the accuse the company of fraud.

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