Every one knows ‘love is blind’. The words really turns true in case of finance. When you love somebody you really don’t care what their financial standing is. How much he/she is in debt or what the credit score is? But financial specialist always mention that finance and money are main reasons for divorce. So it would be best to discuss finances with your partner before tying the knot.
A person who is drowned in debt and implements bad financial decisions might not change after marriage as well. Fiscal habits are very hard to change and even you love and affection would not equal to your spouse’s bad habits. But always remember that exceptions are always there. Medical emergencies or an accident or health issues should be ticked off from the list as they are genuine reasons to get into debt. However poor planning, overspending, lazy over work are things to be ticked in while you are questioning your partner’s finance ground.
Drowned In Debt
Long before the decided marriage, sit with your partner with all issues and calmly try to sort it out. If he/she is questioning too much or being aggressive whenever the topic of money comes up, you can assume that you are in lot of trouble. These points indicate that he/she would not change their fiscal habits and therefore you have to face struggle in future.
Marriage is an institution where people of same goal or focus should bind together. This applies to finance as well. If you are of frugal mentality and your partner doesn’t care about finances and is overspending then it is obvious that a dispute would be created. It will not matter whatever you try but still you will face financial endangerment. So think before taking the marriage step as it is a lifelong commitment.
Looking at a person’s finance behavior you can estimate his/her character. Living with financial flaws of your spouse might not be the best thing in the world. You can judge his/her character through overspending or unable to hold employment for too long at a single company or poor money management. Not only you will face finance related problems in future but also it will impact on your financial well being.
Remember always the things might not result in negative way. Maybe after marriage your spouse change their habits and become more responsible towards marriage. Taking money management classes, holding onto employment and managing money wisely can create a different scenario. If you are finance savvy then you can as well train your partner to be budget friendly.
So think a thousand times before you proceed to a lifelong commitment towards the institution of marriage. Dig through all necessary stuff and take a wise decision that won’t harm none of the partners.

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