Why Auto Insurance Goes Down After 25

The big day is coming when you turn 25 and there is the possibility to save money on your car insurance. Car insurance is known to be expensive for young adults and the reason is due to the large number of accidents caused by young adults between the ages of 16 and 24 years. This is the time young adults get their license and have a great time partying with no clear understanding of the repercussions from having too much fun.
It’s Not Always a Guarantee
Once you hit 25, it is not guaranteed that you will have a reduction in your auto insurance. For example, young women may not see much of a reduction. Typically, its 12 through 15-percent reduced. This is because their insurance rate is lower than a typical young male. Females take more responsibility when they start driving. A male, however, may notice up to a 20-percent discount. Other factors are also considered in the reduction, if any at all.
Why Auto Insurance Goes Down After 25
With Age Comes Experience
So one primary reason auto insurance quote providers consider 25 to be the magical number is because you have had a few years on the road and are a more experienced driver. Therefore, if you have few moving violations and little to no accidents, it’s possible to see the reduction. The fewer claims an insurance company has against you, the better your rates.
You Have a Family
Although not typical, it is possible for a 25 year old to settle down with a family. This states responsibility to an insurance provider and they know you are not taking the risks that a single individual would take. You have a spouse and children to look after. You may also see the lower rate because you are now bundling your homeowners and life insurance policies.
You Have a Career
Finally, having a career also tells an insurance company you are taking more responsibility. Soon after college, you are looking to prove yourself and more focused on getting to work and back home safely. This is also a time to start saving money and building your credit. Many insurance companies are now factoring in credit scores to determine your insurance premiums. Getting an auto insurance quote online is your best option for the lowest prices.

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