What Does Renters Insurance Cover

Are you getting ready to move into your new but rented home? Probably you have thought of all what you will need at the new place or that you are going to purchase. However it is common to believe that your new home comes packed with homeowner’s insurance that is going to cover any lose, damage or theft that your assets suffer during the transportation, and then after you are moved in. Indeed, the property that you are about to rent may have homeowner’s insurance, but this only covers the homeowner, not the tenant. Therefore, you will need to take out renters insurance.
Homeowner Insurance VS Renters Insurance
As noted above, the property you are going to rent may have home insurance, but this policy only protects the homeowner covering damage that the structure may suffer, not the content of renters that move into the house or apartment. Therefore, to protect your belongings it is necessary to shop around for renters insurance, besides making sure that the moving service also provides you with some type of insurance that covers any eventuality occurring during the transportation of your assets.
What Renters Insurance Covers
While taking out renters insurance is optional, getting this policy allows you to rest assured upon your personal property coverage against theft, loss, or destruction resulting from accidents and natural disasters. Among these latter, your renter insurance will cover the damage caused for:
  • Falling objects
What Does Renters Insurance Cover
  • Lighting, fire, or explosion
  • Windstorms, hail, ice, fleet, and snow
  • Vandalism, Riot, malicious mischief and burglary
  • Volcano eruption and other natural and unpredictable disasters
Your renter’s insurance policy also covers accidents resulting from defective plumbing, air conditioners, and other household appliances that could damage your belongings, besides the loss or damage resulting from aircraft and vehicles that break into the property.
Two More Good Reasons to Get Renters Insurance
Besides providing you with the above protection, your renter’s insurance policy also covers liability and medical expenses resulting from accidents that people who do not live with you may suffer in your rented home. Additionally, renters insurance also covers temporary living expenses after a disaster takes place, including restaurant and hotel bills. But above all, renters insurance provides you with the peace of mind that you need to enjoy your new home without worrying about the luck of your precious assets.

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