5 Small Everyday Purchases That Can Really Add Up

Imagine getting an instant payrise of a hundred dollars a week, without having to badger your boss! Sound too good to be true? This might just be the case, however most people spend more than they might think on small daily expenses. However, by simply cutting out these little treats or finding savvy alternatives, you can truly save upwards of $100 every week. Check out these 5 small everyday purchases that can really add up over your typical working week.
Local Lunches

5 Small Everyday Purchases That Can Really Add Up
Everyone knows what it feels like to be in a rush, the morning hits and suddenly you simply don’t have time to try and make lunch at home. As an alternative, you probably end up getting lunch from the local cafe or Thai restaurant close to work. While this can be a nice treat once in a while, buying lunches out can be a seriously costly exercise. With $10 being a conservative estimate of a city meal, you can see how it can quickly add up over a week if you aren’t careful. This calls for some serious organisational skills, and planning ahead. Try cooking meals for dinner that can be extended to lunch the next day, or even freeze leftovers so you always have a quick and easy lunch option on hand. After a while, it will become second nature, and you’ll be enjoying the extra time and money that packing your own lunch can bring.
Morning Coffees
There’s nothing like a coffee to kick start the work day, however a daily morning cuppa could be costing you over $30 a week. You don’t have to go without, instead try making your own at home and bringing it to work in a quality thermos.
A Daily Magazine
Picking up the daily newspaper or a magazine of interest might not sound like much, but it can seriously add up when you start calculating the costs over the long term. Many people like having the paper for the latest news, so consider installing a range of news apps on your smart phone or tablet instead. You’ll have access to all the latest stories from around the world at your fingertips, for free! For those who want something to read on a long public transport trip, consider visiting a local book fair and stocking up on quality novels. Many books are on offer for as little as 50c each, making them a great way to save on daily entertainment.
Parking Costs
Unfortunately parking is often a necessary daily cost, however there are ways that you can try to reduce the impact on your budget. Public transport is one of the best ways to cut down on not just parking, but also the general wear and tear on your vehicle. If this isn’t an option, check out the cheaper parking lots around your workplace, and if it’s a little further away, consider combining exercise with your savings by walking the remaining distance.
Afternoon Snacks
Almost every job seems to invite a case of the afternoon munchies. Just like lunch, by packing your own sweet or savory afternoon treat, you can enjoy the savings without missing out on a great afternoon snack.
If you’re looking to save extra money every week, keep these common expenses in mind. Whether you’re looking to consolidate debt or save up for an exotic holiday, being a little organised can truly offer amazing rewards.

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