Most of us love going on holiday during the summer, but don’t want to spend a fortune on it. Unsurprisingly, budget holidaying has become very popular in the on-going recession, and holidaymakers are constantly on the lookout for new locations that are cheap to visit.

Cheap holidays are the best way forward in terms of having affordable fun during the summer. This article lists out seven hot budget holiday destinations for you and your family.

Sri Lanka

Tourism has enjoyed a revival in Sri Lanka in recent years, with the Guardian touting it as the number one cheapest holiday destination, next to Spain. The country is an interesting mix of cultures, enjoying remnants of British, Dutch and Portuguese colonialism.

Top Seven Budget Summer Holiday Ideas
It’s remarkably diverse for such a small island, surrounded by golden beaches, with massive rainforests and impressive mountains in the centre of the island. The food is to die for.


This is one of the best budget options in Europe. The beaches are great, and there are 1,700 hours of sunshine between May and October. Enjoy water sports and an all-round great family experience.


You just can’t go wrong with over a thousand kilometres of coastline. You can either lounge on the beach for your entire stay, or you can travel into the country to see the Sahara desert. If you’re a Star Wars fan, make sure you visit Matmata, which was one of the original shooting locations.

Goa, India

Make sure you avoid the crowds and visit Goa during the low season. The party hasn’t stopped in Goa for years, and there are always enough local attractions that don’t involve raving till the early hours on the beach, too, like the Portuguese colonial architecture and the beautiful tropical countryside.


Egypt’s culture and history is just astonishing and, frankly, second to none. Nearly everyone in the world is familiar with the famous images of the pyramids and the Sphinx, as well as the mighty Nile. Travelling to Egypt and staying there is incredibly cheap at the moment.


Thailand has a lot to offer, whether you’re staying in its vibrant, bustling capital city, or if you venture outwards towards the beautiful beaches and dense jungles. The flight might be pricey, but the cost of living there is virtually rock bottom.

Dominican Republic

This island’s various hotels offer all-inclusive accommodation, but it also hosts a bunch of budget places to stay, as well. The food and drink is superb, as well as the beaches and the rainforest.

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