We have learnt it in a hard way that saving money is very important. If you don’t save money, you will stand nowhere during financial or economic crisis. Thus, it is very important to take some basic steps which will help you save quite a lot of money. 
Money saving tips for 2013
Let us take a look at some of the simple and easiest money savings tips: 
(1) Prepare a budget and stick to it
Ah! That could be the toughest and the most boring thing to do. But when you have decided to save money, this will be the first step that you need to take. You will have to practice self restraint and control your spending. Take a note of your income and expenses in order to formulate a proper budget for yourself and come what may, try to stick to it. 
Money saving tips – How will you save your hard earned money in 2013?
(2) Carry your lunch at your workplace
Yes, it can be very tempting to have your lunch at the nearest restaurant. And the lunch there can be delicious even! But if you seriously want to save money, carry your lunch to work. You will be surprised to note that it will help you save around $1,144 a year! With the help of this cash, you will be able to fatten your savings account. 
(3) Don’t carry your credit card when you go for shopping
Shopping is important and once in a while, you can definitely indulge in it. But while you are out for shopping, carry an amount of cash that you require to buy the items. If you carry your credit card, you will end up buying more items which may be sometimes unnecessary for you! 
(4) Opt for car pool while going to office
This is another option which will help you save quite a large amount of money over the year. If you use your own car, you will have to spend money on its maintenance, gas, insurance, etc. If you opt for car pool, you will be able to reach your office at a low cost. 
(5) Turn off the lights when you’re out of house
Utility bills, especially electric bills, consume quite a big part of our pay checks. So, when you decide to save money, you should take steps to save on these bills. So, turn off the lights, fans, etc, while leaving the home. Moreover, saving electricity is definitely a good habit! 
Money saving tips – How will you save your hard earned money in 2013?
(6) Wash laundry with cold water
A study has found that washing laundry in hot water costs $0.68 per load whereas washing it in cold water costs you $0.04 per load. Thus, if you use cold-water to wash your laundry, then you will save more than $60 each year.
(7) Avoid bottled water
You can carry a bottle of water from your home and save money that you have to spend on buying bottled water. Every average person consumes around 167 bottles of water per year. That is going to surely drain your account! So, stop it!
(8) Opt for air-drying of your clothes
There is no harm in air drying your clothes and the amount of money that you will save will depend upon the amount of laundry you do every year. You could save up to $130 a year by hanging your clothing up to dry. 
Hope the above mentioned ways will help you save quite a lump sum amount in 2013!

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