How good SEO Practice can Help you make Money from your Blog

Many people enter the blogging stratosphere treating
it as merely a hobby. You tell people what you’re up to, how much
you hate the weather, what you had for dinner; it’s fascinating stuff. 
The thing is, people lap this daily banter up because, well, the majority
of people are nosy. But most people don’t think of making money from
their blog because it’s tucked away amongst the billions of other
blogs that live happily in the vast and expansive world that is the

Make money from your Blog

The first step in making money from your blog is getting noticed,
and then, once noticed, making sure you employ some sort of reputation
to keep your internet rep squeaky clean
(being visible to billions of people across the world not only brings
money-making opportunities but criticism too). 

So how does one go about getting noticed? Google.
Google, and other search engines (apparently there are some) hold the
key to your financial blogging success. When people have a vague idea
of what they want to find, hell, even if they have a clear idea of what
they want to find, they Google it. If your financial blog comes up on page one of Google
results pages for “financial help”, or “financial blog”, you are going to
get a lot of traffic.
A lot of traffic means you suddenly become
very appealing to advertisers who are looking to appeal to a large audience. 
To creep your way up through Google rankings is not
impossible, in fact quite the opposite. There are two main ways of employing
effective “search engine optimization”: uploading your site regularly
with fresh, unique articles (this should come naturally, with it being
a blog) and acquiring backlinks from quality, relevant sites. 
When writing content, make sure you write a couple
of articles a week that really focus on your key words, so that Google
can pick up on the fact that your site is relevant when people search
for, for example, “financial help”. Don’t go overboard, but putting
a few internal links (links to other pages of your blog) with the anchor
text as your key word will help Google detect that you are, in fact,
a blog giving financial help, and will make you much more likely to
appear highly in results when people Google this phrase.
Search for other, relevant sites, and offer them an
article in return for a backlink. This will really help boost your domain
and page authority, hence allowing you to crawl on up results pages.
The next step is to actually monitor your following
and create a media pack for potential advertisers. Have clear contact
details on your site and let the offers come flooding in. If you are
visible to a wide audience, advertisers will find you. It’s all about
getting clever and maximizing your readership, which will, in turn,
make you a viable option for advertisers. Simples!

Denny Jones

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