Sometimes fashion is a pain; mostly for your bank account.  Not only does another season come round more often than seems entirely reasonable, some seasons are more expensive than others.  The one that I hardly dare mention (but we’re all painfully aware of) that is just around the corner not only means spending on gifts for friends, family and complete strangers, but it also means that party season is here again.  
Frugality Doesn't Mean Saying No To Fashion
Here are some tips to save money on fashion items at any time of year, especially now!
Losing the Pounds

Weight loss could be the single biggest fashion mistake you’ll make.  Ok, so it’s good for your health – whether you need to lose or gain it – but you won’t just loose pounds in weight, you’ll have to completely restock your wardrobe.  You’ve seen programmes like ‘Ten Years Younger’ but they don’t highlight the “and several hundreds poorer” element to changing your weight.  I’m not saying don’t lose, or gain, weight (as required) but be aware with every ten pounds or so is you’ll be waving goodbye to a dress size.  The best approach is to find your ideal weight and stick to it.  Most clothing can be altered a couple of sizes effectively, beyond that it’s off to the Marks and Sparks charity bin with it all. 

If only the Sales would come early

Frugality Doesn't Mean Saying No To Fashion

It’s a sad fact of life that until somebody sorts out realistic time travel technology you simply can’t wait to the January sales for that new Christmas party outfit.  However, the sales come earlier each year and by making the best use of online discount vouchers and promotional codes, free delivery offers and, if it makes sense, two-for-one offers you can get that perfect outfit at the perfect price.  Online stores such as the classically stylish French La Redoute offer excellent voucher codes on a permanent basis and if you find that the High Street doesn’t always cater to your specialist market – new mums for example – you’ll find that online retailers almost certainly will.  Not only does this make shopping easier, whatever your needs, you’ll nearly always find that specialist retailers have frequent discounts and offers to encourage you to buy! 

Power Tools (and Accessories)

“Accessories maketh the woman” (and the man for that matter).  They also can be cheaper than a whole new outfit.  If you’ve sensibly stocked up on the perennially fashionable little black items, then you can accessories for just about any occasion, at low cost and to great effect.  Scarves, shawls and a little light bling will all help to stretch your understated style (and budget) a long way.  Done carefully, people will barely notice that you apparently only own one party outfit.  When it comes to jewellery, use a liberal sprinkling of the fake and faux along with the real thing.  Mixed with your best pieces, faux or costume jewellery can be passed off as the real thing far more effectively.

Move Away from the Wardrobe

Some items in our wardrobes cost so much that we’re terrified of wearing them.  This is a pointless and rather silly exercise.  If you daren’t open the wardrobe for fear of damaging the clothing, the chances are that you also use bank notes as firelighters.  You may as well.  Find a balance when it comes to how much you are prepared to spend; spend enough to buy quality but not so much that you can only touch your clothing wearing protective gloves.

The Cost-per-Wear Factor

When it comes to spending big money on fashion items, don’t focus on the outfit you’re going to wear once.  Certain fashion items spend a lot of time with us; handbags, wallets, purses, watches, favourite jewellery items.  Spend the big money on these in order to get the most out of said cash.  This is basically a cost-per-wear equation and makes lots of sense if you think about it.  When it comes to one off parties and celebrations you can splash out, but remember that the outfit in question needs to be adaptable for future parties if you are going to get the most out of it.

By making best use of promotional codes, accessories and taking a realistic approach to expensive outfits, you can manage to look great at any occasion without breaking the bank. 

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