As the summer months are fast approaching, the opportunity to spend more money will quickly arise as parents enjoy a couple of weeks off work with the summer holiday, either at home or abroad, requires that little be of extra cash for activities you wouldn’t normally partake in. With this in mind, it is vitally important that you take care of your financial situation during this time, particularly in the unsteady economic climate at present.
Here are two top tips to help make sure you only spend what you can afford to, yet still enjoy the summer whoever you are with and whatever you are doing;
Whilst this is something you should be doing all year round, it really comes to fruition during the summer when the warmer weather generally leads you to neglect your financial concerns and spend that little bit more than you would normally to ensure a good time.
Protect Your Finances Over the Summer Holidays
Although the summer should certainly be enjoyed to the maximum, without budgeting in certain areas, you can quickly find yourself in difficulty as the year progresses and could well be in a very depressing situation as the nights draw in and winter takes hold.
During your holiday for instance, set yourself an amount that you can spend each day in order to ensure you can still enjoy certain activities without finding yourself short of cash at the end of your two week break. By doing this, you could also have a little bit left over at the end of your holiday that you can use to treat yourself to a nice meal or takeaway to avoid having to cook on your first night home!
Whereas in previous years you may have enjoyed a summer getaway to a Spanish villa or a romantic break on a beautiful Greek island, as purse strings are tightened, the phrase ‘stay-cation’ has been used much more often.
A term to describe a holiday at home, an increasing number of Brits are staying at home rather than travelling abroad and enjoying a summer holiday at the array of picturesque locations Britain has to offer or simply benefitting from a shorter getaway on the coast.
This is a great cost-saving idea yet still ensures you enjoy a break away from the routine with your partner or family. Whilst good weather can’t always be guaranteed, there are plenty of places to visit and activities to participate in up and down the country that are sure to be great fun no matter what the weather.
Taking these two tips into consideration, you can make sure that you enjoy summer 2012 without ever having to worry how much it costs or the implications of your activities on your bank account in the months that follow!
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  1. What a great reminder! It's so easy to spend – or overspend – during the summer! Being aware of your finances all year 'round is a wise move, as it will contribute to you paying off your debt fast.

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