It is no secret that we’re all tightening our purse strings right now. With household outgoings rising, and our pay packets paying the price for the economic down turn, we’re all on the hunt for ways to save money.
If you’re looking for ways to make your money go further this month, here are five simple ways to add a little bit of extra cash to your bank account:
1) Car Boot Sales
One of the most common ways of making a bit of extra cash is selling unwanted goods at a local car boot or table top sale. With a car boot sale somewhere near your almost every weekend, there really is no better alternative.
3 Ways to Make Your Money Go FurtherYou can sell unwanted jewellery, clothes, books, and just about anything at a car boot sale. Be honest with yourself though, and make sure everything you’re looking to sell is in a suitable condition.
You will have to pay a fee to sell your items at a car boot sale so make sure that you have enough to sell. The aim is to make money as well as de-clutter your house. To make it cheaper, join up with a few friends and sell. You’ll have fun and reduce the original costs.
2) Sell Stuff Online
You only have to turn on your TV to see all the ways in which you can sell things online. If standing in a cold field doesn’t appeal to you, have a look at the online alternatives. Ecommerce stores such as Amazon and have options where you can sell you books and DVDs for free.
Auction sites such as Gumtree and eBay will let you sell just about anything, for a small fee. There is also an abundance of websites where you can sell old mobile phones or gold jewellery. It is most definitely worth researching and shopping around for the cheapest options.
With some of these websites you won’t make a great deal of money, especially if your goods are old. It is worth selling as much as possible in order to make a decent amount of money.
3) Shop Around for Bargains
It may seem obvious, but by changing the way you shop you can save a lot of money. Swap your high end brands, for the stores own or economy ranges. They cost much less and taste just as nice, meaning you don’t have to compromise on your meals.
Check out online sites such as Groupon to see what deals and money off vouchers are available for supermarkets and stores near you. These discount sites shouldn’t be over looked as you can get money off meals out, clothes and even family days out.
All supermarkets have different offers on so changing where you shop is also a great idea. Check what you’re spending on price comparison websites, and change to the cheapest supermarket for you.
Take advantage of deals on frozen and tinned goods as they will last for ages. But be savvy enough to know when taking up the bulk by deal will cost you money when you end up throwing the food away.
Scrimping and saving doesn’t have to mean cutting back on the essentials. It is all about making sure you buy what you need and take advantage of offers and rollback deals. Selling things you no longer need is also a great way of injecting a little extra cash into your bank balance.

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