Of all the addiction-forming habits in the world, frugality is the best. Of course, don’t let it become a major OCD with you, but by all meals, learn to be frugal. This is the one with the best benefits for your wallet and if you’re really serious about it, your health as well. Who can say no to a double benefit like that? Here are 12 habits you should adopt in 2012.
Get The Frugality Mindset

Frugal Habits You Should Adopt
Take A Stand
Most people spend left right and center because of certain expectations regarding lifestyle. For example, if you are earning X amount, you are expected to live a certain way. It’s called peer pressure. Take the frugality stand and be unapologetic about your chosen lifestyle.
Take Control Of Your Finances
If you’re living from paycheck to paycheck, you’re probably experiencing the same issues that millions of people are, worldwide. Starting today, take control of your finances. Spend only where required, and only as much as is required.
Visualize Yourself Practicing A Frugal Life
Spend a few minutes every day visualizing yourself living well within your means and putting aside money for a rainy day. Imagine yourself sailing through bad economic times, secure in your savings even if you were to lose your job. You cannot affect external circumstances without first influencing yourself.
Question Yourself When You Spend Needlessly
Every time you reach for something on the shelf that you don’t really need, ask yourself why you’re buying it. Don’t ask for your items to be rung up until you’re convinced you absolutely need all the items you bought.
Define Your Frugality Goal
Decide on exactly how frugal you want to be. There’s no need to take this to extremes and live like a monk. Your goals must be more realistic, such as wanting to live a debt free life, wanting solid, bankable savings to see you through mean times and so on.
Get Habituated To Repetition
Frugality cannot be developed overnight. It develops as a result of repeated frugal behaviors such as saving a part of your paycheck, always trying to work under your budget and looking for good deals as a rule. Over time, this behavior becomes an automatic saving habit and you’ll never be happy paying full price again.
Institute Frugal Household Habits
Use Less Product

15 Frugal Habits You Should Adopt In 2012

Use less of everything; laundry detergent, handwash soap, shampoo, dishwashing detergent, etc. Watch how much quantity you’re using currently and cut back, even if it’s only a little. It makes a difference. Wear jeans more often so you don’t have to keep washing clothes.

Reduce Water Usage
You don’t have to shower for 15 minutes to get clean! A couple of minutes under the hot water once you’ve soaped up well should do. Try a sponge bath on the days when you don’t have to go to work; it works just as well.
Use Less Electricity
No need to tell you what to do here. Still, it’s not just about switching off lights and fans when you leave the room. Do a thorough inventory of all electrical equipments in your home and put away things you don’t need to use. Get your home’s electricity usage audited to see if you’re wasting power.
Watch Those Portions
There’s no need to load up your plate each time. Eat raw veggies and fruit to fill your tummy in between meals and go easy during meal times. The less meat you eat, the more you can save.
Watch That Water
Spend a few minutes thinking exactly how you can save water. Can you do your dishes by hand unless there’s a very full load? Can you take showers instead of bathing? Can you reuse or recycle your bath water? Read up on how to save water and cut back on your water bills.
Turn Down That Thermostat
Buy sweaters, socks, caps and blankets for the family and turn down that thermostat by a few degrees. Your warm weather stuff can be worn for decades but the money you throw away on power won’t come back.
Change Your Purchase Strategies
Buy Store Brands
Store brands are cheaper than general brands. Plus, stores are keen that you should favor their brands, which is why they offer so many discount promotions at times. The next time you go shopping, reach for the store brand instead of the popular brands you always choose.
Buy In Bulk
Toilet paper rolls, shampoo, soap, detergent, dry beans and tinned goods should always be bought in bulk. Do one better and buy in bulk from a discount store like Costco’s. You’ll save a lot more.
Become A Couponer
Make a decision that you will not buy any item before checking out if there are coupons for the item. Make haunting coupon sites a daily hobby and snip coupons off your Sunday paper.
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