Financial establishment in life is very important, isn’t it?? We often move to other countries for having a better financial grip over our own lives, so that the rest of the life can flow smoother and better. But, it often becomes really tough to leave other family members behind. But, the hope remains there that whenever we will achieve financial stabilities, we can call them. In all these circumstances, knowing about the immigrant visa or fiancé (e) visa is very important.
Fiance (e) VisaAs, we all know that U.S. is a hub of industries, every year people all over the world move to U.S. for betterment of their financial life. When you are going there as an employee, you need to have an immigrant visa, which is mostly organized with the help of your company in which, you are going to work. But, when it comes to calling your fiancé (e) over there, you need arrange a fiancé visa for her.
Fiancé (e) visa or K-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa required for the fiancé (e) of the U.S. citizen. It permits the person to travel to U.S. and marry his or her citizenship provider of United Sates, within 90 days from the arrival. This process is quite complex and expensive too.
Hearing this, you might be thinking of the financial issues related to the fiancé (e) visa. Then, let me draw a brief description about the required finance for having a K-1 visa.
For the U.S. citizen sponsor, first fee is charged for filing an Alien Fiancé (e) petition, which is Form- I-129F.
Then the fee is charged for nonimmigrant visa application processing, which is Form DS-156.
Next, a good amount is to be paid for medical examinations.
Some others charges include: photocopying and translation charges, a certain amount is to be paid for having the documents required for the Visa applications, and expenses are also to be made behind travelling to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate for the interview.
These costs obviously vary from case to case and country to country.
Final form filling charges are required, which is Form I-485 for having permanent residence.
You might have got the wider view of the expensive process of getting fiance visa, then prepare yourself mentally and financially strong enough to cope-up with the whole situation efficiently. It is always better to stay prepared beforehand rather than regret later.

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