Traveling for a Fraction of the Norm

When you have decided to take your personal finances into your own hands, it is time to analyze every aspect of your life. Sometimes, analyzing what seems like should be simply an effortless, fun affair, is where you will find the greatest opportunities for cost-savings. Take vacation for example.


In your previous life, you may have been happy to sign up with a travel agency or tour guide. Spending a few thousand dollars on a ten day trip might not have bothered you. But now that you have decided to take your financial well-being into your own hands, you need to get a grip on where your money is going.

You can still travel while holding yourself accountable for your expenses. You just need to get a little wiser about the way that you spend money. By searching sites online, you will be able to get the same great flights, awesome rental car, and amazing hotel room as you can get through a travel agency. What you miss out on, is the terrible prices- for shame!

If you are smart, you will not just settle there. By utilizing a new service by Groupon you can find even better deals that was not is available on other sites. By using Groupon’s Coupons you can find 50% off your beach hotel bookings and up to $150 off as well.

When you book through a travel agency they may very well be trying to find you the best deal possible. But we can guarantee they are trying to find themselves the best deal possible. Sometimes, this happens to line up mutually beneficially, just perfect. Most times however, tour agencies are just looking to make a buck off of their “clients.” Do yourself a favor and do a little homework before buying a ticket- that way you will still have the freedom to travel again some day in the future.

Denny Jones

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