An attractive salary isn’t enough to woo the top talent these days. Whereas previous generations may have been largely interested in earning the most money, millennials and Gen Zers have completely different concerns. Nowadays, young professionals are searching for workplaces that institute a healthy work/life balance or employers that are willing to contribute to their student loan debt. In short, if HR managers want their businesses tostand outto today’s best and brightest, they need to reevaluate the types of benefits and perksthey offer.
For instance, many young jobseekers desire positions that feature flexible working options such as varying start times and telecommuting. They also have a deeper appreciation of their mental health than their predecessors. Therefore,a workplace that offers health and wellness programs such as yoga or gym discounts can be much more attractive to them than other offices.
Sincea large portion of millennials are in dual-income households, they want companies that are willing to provide extended maternity and paternity leave when they start families. For those waiting longer to have children, companies can provide on-site pet care and other conveniences for their four-legged family members.
Times are changing, and so are the priorities of today’s job candidate. To avoid being left in the dust, your organization will have to reevaluate the benefits it offers. See the accompanying infographic for more ideas on how you can attract and retain exceptional young professional sat your business.

Infographic provided by The Jacobson Group

About the writer: Nikki St. Martin is VP of Marketing for The Jacobson Group, the premier insurance talent acquisition firm in the country. St. Martin is responsible for the ongoing marketing and branding efforts of The Jacobson Group.

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