If that title has left you a little confused then this is definitely the right article for you. There are so many entrepreneurs out there with creative ideas for their small businesses. They all want to make it, but so many of those businesses fail after a few years. Some of them fail before they’ve even taken off. The problem is that many “innovators” haven’t mastered the art of being a boss too. If you want to create a small business that lasts then you need to know how to actually run that business. You need to know how to lead as well as how to come up with great ideas. Here are some ways in which you can overcome the challenge of being an innovator and a boss.
Being An Innovator
Foster a team mentality
As talented as you might be, you probably hired a team for a reason. You need to value your workforce if you want your small business to do well. A smart business owner knows that they have to use every resource at your disposal. Obviously, your employees are more than “resources” – they’re people. But those people have the ability to make your business stronger if you truly utilize them. Make sure you welcome openness in your workplace. Your employees should feel as if they can put their ideas on the table. Why be the only person trying to innovate in your business? Multiple minds can achieve more than one. Being a good boss is about valuing the opinions of your employees. Let them help to further the business.
Be an employee of your own company
Many entrepreneurs like to delegate, and that’s vital to the running of your business; you probably can’t do everything on your own if you want your company to grow. However, you should still view yourself as a part of your business if you want it to be successful. It could really benefit your business if you started seeing yourself as an employee as well as an employer. Get more involved with the operations of your company. Learn about business finances so that you can find ways to keep overhead costs low and maximize profit margins.
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You might even want to study for an online masters in marketing. Improving your understanding of marketing and management techniques will make you a more valuable asset to your business. You shouldn’t always aim to delegate. Obviously, you need to be focused (trying to do everything will mean you’re spreading yourself too thinly). But you should understand all aspects of running a business so that you can accurately judge whether certain ideas will be beneficial to your business. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to get involved with more aspects of your business operations (if needed).
Aspire to grow
This suggestion is the best way to truly combine your strengths as an innovator and a leader. When you’re a passionate and driven entrepreneur, you’re always looking for new ideas. Rather than keeping most of them in your head (due to a fear of failure), you need to be bold enough to take some business risks. As a leader and a boss, your job is to make calculated decisions. Some of those decisions might be risky, but they’re necessary for the growth of your small business. You need to make investments in your company; hire new workers, get a bigger office, try out a new range of products or services. Aspire to grow. That’s what your innovative side craves, and it’s what your business demands.

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