Most of us could do with a little more money and respect at work, but getting it isn’t always as simple as we think it will be. In fact, what with all the pressures of life it can be incredibly easy to get stuck in term of our careers and end up treading water. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case for you, because it is possible to supercharge your career by doing some straightforward things. A topic you can read more eat out in my post below. 
Publish your ideas and work.
First of all, if you want to stand out from your colleagues and peers, it can be beneficial to get your work and ideas published. Now, this used only to be the prerogative of those in academic subjects such as medicine, where they would be required to write and paper and then subject it to peer review. 

However, with the rise of independent blogging and social media site such as Linked in, anyone with something useful to say on a particular field can get their ideas out there and even become a top influencer. Something that will get you noticed within your area and can have a significant positive effect on your career progression. 
Pursue a specialist qualification.
Next, if you are looking to supercharge your career, there is no better option that to pursue a qualification. After all, if you are appropriately qualified, you demonstrate that not only do you have the necessary knowledge you need to operate in your field, but also you have the motivation and dedication to apply yourself to working hard as well. 
Of course, the qualifications we are talking about here are not general ones. In fact, for the maximum chance of success in your field, you need to get a specific qualification like this online nurse midwifery program that you can do mostly from the comfort of your own home. Something that makes it much easier to complete while you continue to work as well. Therefore getting around the difficulty most students have concerning tuition fees.  
Get out of your comfort zone. 
Do you know what happened in your comfort zone when it comes to your career? Not much! In fact, if you stay in a role where you are entirely comfortable for a long time, boredom and complacency can set in, and these are truly the enemy of boosting your career to great heights. 
With that in mind, it is an excellent idea to ensure that at each stage of your career you have a certain level of challenge to engage with. This may be in the form of more responsibility, different sorts of tasks, or even putting in place your own initiatives. 
Just remember not to let things become too easy, and even ask for added challenge and responsibility if you feel things are this way. After all, without such positive stress, your job can often work against your continued success in the long run, draining you of motivation and drive you will need to succeed!

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