When buying a luxury car, it’s not only the cost of buying the car you need to consider but also the cost of the insurance to enable you to drive it legally. While you might want optimum luxury, you still need to be able to keep the car on the road, otherwise what’s the point? 
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Sometimes it’s not just a case of looking for a cheaper car to get cheaper insurance, particularly with luxury cars. It can be worth looking at luxury cars from non-traditional premium brands such as BMW. They still come with all the features you’d expect but the insurance premiums can be cheaper, meaning you can afford to splash out on more luxury extras to add to the car.
Here is our list of the five cheapest luxury cars to insure, on the market today, to help you out:
1.The Audi A4 2017
This luxury sedan model follows on from its 2016 version which was also a cheap to insure luxury car so Audi have managed to top our list for this reason. But just because it’s cheaper to insure doesn’t mean buyers will be disappointed.
The Audi A4 has been ramped up with even more premium features including: leather seats, a power-operated sunroof, new climate control and a number of other luxury options thrown in.
This model also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity for mobile devices, audio from premium brand Bang & Olufsen, as well as the new style virtual cockpit which offers a 12.3 inch digital display screen.
2.The BMW 3 Series 2016
With the BMW 3 Series from 2016, the insurance can vary from model to model so make sure you check into the premium costs before you commit to buying one. However, the 320i and 328i are still two of the cheapest luxury cars to insure.
Of the two, the 320i can actually cost a lot less to insure than the 328i yet still comes with an array of high end features, not to mention its impressive premium performance levels on the road.
The 320i may not have leather seats but it will appeal to car enthusiasts thanks to the low insurance premiums coupled with the 2 litre turbo engine and the BMW built-in Driving Dynamics Control system, making it a cool car to drive.
3.The Toyota Avalon 2016
If the brand name doesn’t have to be premium, just the car itself, this can be a great strategy for reducing insurance costs. Some of the larger sedan ranges from more mainstream manufacturers, like this one from Toyota, can fit the bill perfectly.
It gives you a bigger, luxurious car for less money than a small car with a fancier brand would cost you. The Toyota Avalon is a sedan in the mid-range size wise, with a very sophisticated presence.
The interior includes stitched leather seats, with heating and ventilation included in the trims. Driving it is a comfortable experience beyond measure thanks to the driving seat which is adjustable in 10 different ways and comes with leg support.
4.Lexus ES 2016
It’s hard to believe that this luxury model comes with a low insurance premium price tag but it’s true. The 2016 model was refreshed and updated by Lexus so includes some of the newest design features. 
The ES model comes with LED headlights as standard, along with the new shape of front fog lights. It also has a restyled interior, including a soft-touch sporty steering while, and a wide range of extra safety technology as well. 
This model offers all the luxury and design you’d expect from a brand like Lexus, with an emphasis on both safety and lower insurance premiums – a complete win-win for anyone who buys one. 
5.Volvo S60 2016
If safety is at the top of your agenda for your luxury car, then this Volvo model has to be on the list. It has a full 5-star rated safety score covering all the testing scenarios, making it safe and sporty. 
This model comes with numerous luxury features including a premium infotainment system built-in, mobile Wi-Fi enabled and an amazing audio sound system. The design makes it stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. 
For safety, style and luxury, this Volvo model ticks all the boxes and thanks to the non-premium nature of the manufacturing brand, it won’t cost a fortune to insure to keep it on the road. 
As you can see there are many options for buying a luxury car which won’t end up costing you a fortune in insurance premiums. Whether you are more concerned with the brand, the look of the car, or its in-built technology and safety features, there is a luxury car out there to suit all tastes, without breaking the bank with sky high insurance costs.

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