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Cost Over Comfort: House Flip Or Buy A Renovated Property?

The bane of the modern investor is real estate. The varying costs of a house boils down to so many different factors, but with the modern homebuyer that's looking to make a profit, house flipping has been seen to be a great option, but when you compare it to buying a home that has been previously renovated, what factors do you need to consider overall, and is one cheaper than the other?

Renovate Property

The Cost Of The Materials

The first thing to consider, after you have bought a home that is in need of renovating, is how much material you need to buy, in order to make this home available as a commodity. Purchasing the materials is going to be a considerable investment after you've purchased the home. But for those people who buy a run-down property and look to build it up, the first thing you need to examine is the area the property is in. If you are building up a property, inside and out, which makes it surpass the quality of the other houses in the area; this makes the house stand out, but not in a good way. As a result, you could find yourself out of pocket, thinking that people will buy a good quality house for a high price even though it's in a bad quality area.

The Time To Renovate

Lots of people decide to move into the property while they renovate it, and as a result, it takes up their entire life. So when you look at the time and how it translates to financial cost, is it going to be a couple of years until you start dealing with the real estate agents? The time it could take to get the house up to code, all depends on the quality of the house in the first place. This is why buying a home that’s already renovated takes a lot of stress out of the equation, but you will be paying that bit more.

Is It Easier To Pay Someone Else?

Paying someone else to renovate your property, like many house flipping companies do, could mean an investment up front. But at least with a house flipping company, they are contracted to complete the renovations in a set time frame, which reduces stress from your perspective, meaning that you can put the house on the market sooner. This is all down to your own personal circumstances of course, and whether it means you will have to end up cutting daily costs out of your life in order to pay for this house flipping project, it could be a sacrifice now that can turn into long-term gain.

The defining factor is all about whether you have the time or not. If you don't have the time, then it's better for you to acquire the finances so you can hire a house flipping company. But if you have no money, you have no option but to go for a house that is more affordable and do it up over time. Many people decide to do this because it provides a nest egg for them, but it's a question of cost over comforts. Can you bear to live in a home that is unfinished for a long time? If so, then it's financially worth your while to flip a house yourself.

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