If you are looking for financial freedom and flexibility, trading in the FOREX market is the answer, or unless that is what scammer brokers say to incentive beginners and old traders to log in to them. But why does it work? Because it is in part right, through the past decade the popularity of FOREX has risen as the advancements of technology, have made it possible for any person to get into the market and get higher profits that you could ever get with any bank or investment firm. 
The opportunities to profit are virtually endless. But nothing is as good as it sounds.
The new fraudulent promotion developed and sold across the world is the investment in the foreign currency exchange market (FOREX). One of the most likely types of fraud is the online trading scams. So this is the reason why is better to find a reliable broker.
Is Ontega among these scammers?
According to reviews and comments in the web, Ontega.com is a safe broker with particular characteristics, which was born in Cyprus, specifically in the city of Nicosia. It is regulated and has a form to be contacted.
It offers you to access limitless opportunities to profit on the financial markets with a minimal investment, only $5. There is no need to have a deep pocket to invest in company shares, currencies, gold, and oil with Ontega. It also gives the customer the opportunity to be educated in FOREX Trading. 
So, you will not roam the global markets alone. Its Platform was built with the purpose of guiding rookies and not so novices, through all the aspects of trading. That includes how to place a trade, when to exit, how to choose what to trade, how to analyze the market, how to identify the trend and how to use all the risk management tools to maximize profit.
They want to be sure that you have the appropriate means to be successful and achieve more advanced goals, so you will not be overwhelmed with information if this is you are in diapers, or for the contrary, if this is not your first rodeo, you will have a complete panel of tools. You trade whatever you choose, as much as you want, and at the moment you consider convenient.
A notable fact is that the most of its traffic comes from Nigeria, with around 30 percent of its visits. 
Why is Nigeria the country with more visits in Ontega? 
Over the recent years, thousands of traders in Nigeria were scammed on the internet by unregulated financial institutions using Ponzi schemes.
That’s why the Association of on Line FOREX Trading Agents, a group of online foreign currency trading brokers in Nigeria, has created an initiative to bring back the confidence in online trading by engaging several government agencies to put an eye into the regulation of the business. Ontega Nigeria is under that eye so it’s not a scam.
The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are the bodies who have the power to establish a regulatory framework for trading in OTC derivatives. 
FOREX trading in Nigeria, it is not illegal. Many foreign FOREX brokers already have a physical presence in Nigeria, including Ontega.com, which in addition to this, the tiny investment and its educational system have made it a reliable option to start investing.
It is important to remember that, trading in FOREX, may result in loss of funds. If you do not thoroughly understand the risks involved in foreign exchange trading, do not trade.
Before the idea of committing any transactions with Ontega placed in your mind, you should seriously consider whether such deals are suitable in light of your financial position and investment objectives. This is why Ontega offer you a minimum investment of 5$ in order to make you understand if forex is your cup of tea.
Is there a trick in Ontega?
Ontega is a broker considered pioneer and called to be the biggest game-changer in the financial app marketplace in 2018. In experts opinion, there’s nothing to fear about this borker. The only think you should be care is the amount of money that you want to invest and how to invest it.

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