Property is something that people can really make a fair bit of money from. So much so, that people choose to leave retirement funds or savings for the future down to property and not in things like pensions or standard savings. However, there are more ways to make money from property than just buying and selling the one you live in. I wanted to share with you four ways property could boost your finances. 
Renting out property for a monthly income
Buying a property that you have the intention of renting out can actually be a very lucrative investment to make. The beauty of this sort of investment is that you not only get the long term option of making money, as property values do tend to stabilise or increase, but you also get the benefit of a monthly rent. Once your have taken into account any mortgage commitments and fees, the difference left is a great profit to bank, that you could either save or put towards any future investment of rental properties. However, you do need to take into account that you have to commit yourself financially. 
Building your very own dream home
Maybe you like the idea of building a home, and this can be a real great investment, albeit a more long term option to consider. Of course, you need to find the right piece of land in the right area, and then you may need to think about hiring an award winning architecture firm to draw up the right plans taking into account your ideas and vision. The materials you use and the the things to think about in regards to floor plan could end up seeing you make a very nice profit once the house is built. Of course, this could then be something you live in and not benefit from for a while, or selling right away could see your recuperate costs and make some money. 
Renovating a house
Similarly, you could consider buying a home that is run down, and renovating it bringing it back up to modern standards. Homes that require renovation do tend to go for a cheaper price, and then budgeting with what you spend on it once completed could see you really make a tidy sum. This could be something that you do every year or as often as you can and banking the profits could help fund the future far more lucrative than perhaps a pension or savings could. 
Renting rooms or taking advantage of holiday lets
Finally, have you ever considered renting out a room in your home, or even thinking about renting out your current property as a holiday let? Thanks to websites like Airbnb you can do this very easily. This works well if you live in a desirable spot, perhaps in the quaint countryside or close to the beach. 
I hope that this has given you some inspiration as to how property could really boost your financial situation, for now or for the future.

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