Butlers are known for having a high level of professionalism. Of course, it’s important to know that there is no formal education required for you to be a butler, but it does help for you to have some level of training as this can really help you to land a great job. You can actually get this training from a university or even from a hospitality program, so you won’t have any worries there. If you have friends or even family that work as butlers then consider asking them about their position and the qualities they have developed over the years.
A lot of employers will want you to have a high school certification. It does help to go to university as well, but if you don’t have time for this or if you know that university is not for you then one thing that you can do about this is make sure that you enrol in a communications program. This will teach you how to effectively deal with people while also helping you to know if there is anything that you can do to improve the way that you conduct yourself.
Formal Training
There are a lot of formal training academies out there that can help you with this and they can show you how to become a butler. When you attend a full course, you can expect to be trained in things such as table service, cleaning around the house and various other professional management programs. You can do this intensively over the course of two weeks or less in most cases, and this is ideal if you want to make money fast without having to worry about a thing. This is especially useful if you want to change jobs or if you are out of a job and need to get some fast experience.
Developing your Skills
It helps to start out as a footman. This is the person who serves the butler as their next-in-line, or even as an understudy. If you want to make the most out of your experience as a butler then one way for you to get around this would be for you to use companies such as Irving Scott to apply for positions. This is by far the easiest way for you to secure a job in a domestic household.
Maid Experience
Don’t just limit yourself to being a butler. If you see a job opening for a maid then you should take this position and get some solid experience. By working as a maid, you will gain some useful skills that can also be applied to your work as a butler. When applying for positions, try and avoid job openings for janitorial work because this won’t help you as much if you are training to be a butler and you could potentially be wasting your time.
Being a butler is a great job and it is also very well paid, but in order to pursue this as a career option, experience is very important and you have to have a good level of customer service as well. If you think you have what it takes however, then you could have a very lucrative career ahead of you.

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