Employing the right people can be a difficult task, and if you run your own business, you know how difficult this can be. A lot depends on hiring the right person, and if you have a small business, then a lot can depend on on who you hire, even the success of your company can. There are, however, loads of great candidates out there, and more than one which would be great for you and your company
Employ the Right People
The person is also very important, and can be even more so than what they look like on paper. Hiring people can be a difficult process, and many employers find it a testing and stressful time. Having a person join your team will ultimately be a great thing for both you and your company, so keep that in mind when going through endless CVs and interviewing lots of different people. Read on to find out some great ideas when hiring people, and how to find the candidate that is the best fit for you. Do your own research as well, to find who will be the best for this role too.
Where You Advertise
This is really important, and can affect what kind of people end up applying to the role. Of course online is the standard place to advertise jobs, and popular job websites will get you a whole range of people. They are great because you can reach people further afield, that could potentially more qualified for the role you are advertising. There are also other places you can advertise as well. If you have a small establishment and just want to hire part time or weekend staff, a simple sign in the window will probably do. 
If, on the other hand, you are looking for graduates, there are certain places you can show the job advertisement. Many colleges and universities in your local area have their own job sites for students and graduates. If you specifically want to advertise to graduates, then here would be a great place to show the job. You can also click here for headhunters. There are lots of sites that are specific like this, but advertising on popular sites can get you a broad pool of candidates for you to choose from.
The Person 
The person you are looking for for this particular role will of course vary, but there are a few key things to keep in mind when hiring someone. If a candidate looks great on paper, but their personality is not a great fit for your team, then of course they would be a bad option. If, on the other hand, someone does not look that outstanding on paper, but they really impress you when you meet them, they would usually be a better option.
There are lots of great candidates out there, and many people would probably fit the role you are looking to fill. Sometimes the person matters a lot more than experience, so go with your gut instinct when it comes to making these kinds of decisions.

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