Getting People To Actually Remember Your Business

Nowadays, it seems like there’s a new start up every time you turn a corner. When you’re trying to get your business on the roadmap, it can be frustrating to find that there are constantly new entries in the space vying for attention. So, how do you make sure that you stand above the rest and be remembered not just by customers but by the people you meet and speak to?
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Be memorable
You can set yourself up for success or for a fall right from the beginning when you make the big decisions about the business, such as what its name will be and what the brand’s focus will be. If you’re not widely known yet and you find you don’t have the brand name appeal you need, you can start from a clean slate. But take the time to think about what makes a name memorable and what is the best possible value proposition to add to communicate what you do effectively to your customers.
Have a signature style
When you’re deciding the cores of your brand, make sure that they are cores you can rely on again and again. You have to be able to use your logo thousands of times and to have a colour and design scheme that you can use through hundreds of documents, web pages, and business cards. Consistency is crucial to being memorable. Every time you create new brand material, make sure you have a visual style guide that your team can follow to make sure it fits the company identity.
Incentivise your talkers
Whether it’s your sales team, your customer service squad, or the gaggle of networkers you take with you to events, make sure that you create real brand advocates out of them. Treat them with respect, first and foremost, and brief them on what’s going well and what isn’t. But moreover, give them a little incentive with a reward system. They should believe in what they’re selling, but raising the stakes some can be just the push they need to sell it even harder.
Free is always good
When you’re at conferences and networking events, or inviting people to the office, giving them a little something they can take away can do wonders. Many businesses use the strategy of freebies to scattershot their brand out there. But the best businesses offer something with real value, something that others aren’t giving. Instead of the same mug or USB pen that your competitors give, offer something unique. Trolley coins are easily branded and not quite as ubiquitous. Even things like branded hand sanitiser or mints have an immediate value in the crowded context of a conference.
If you have a chat with someone and you exchange contact details, send a follow-up email. It doesn’t matter if they’re not a valuable lead. People remember good etiquette. What’s more, if they are a valuable lead or you have a truly engaging conversation, you shouldn’t fail to capitalise. It’s easy to send follow-up emails and it can more valuable than you might think
Naturally, all of the tips have to be supported by running a business that’s actually worth remembering. A product that stands out and customer service that actually services the customer are essential.

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