3 Reasons You Should Get Rid of Your Car

Having a car feels like a must these days and judging by the number of cars on the road, it seems that everyone and his dog owns one. Though they are certainly the easiest way to get about, cars are also incredibly expensive to run, heavily polluting and lead to an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. 
Reasons You Should Get Rid of Your Car
You might not want to get rid of your car, but the reasons for doing so are quite compelling – and it’s not like you can’t get in a car ever again…
Cars Are Expensive
You would think that the main cost of a car is the car itself, but actually, mounting insurance costs mean that in some cases, young drivers are paying more for their insurance for the year than they are for the car itself. This means that even once you have made your first big payment, your insurance is going to double that money – and let’s not even think about the consequences of having to make a claim. 
Furthermore, as fuel prices rise and parking within town and city centres gets more expensive, the cost of driving day to day is going up too. Though the car might be the most convenient method of getting to work, unless you have a free car park and fuel paid for, it’s likely that a train or a bus will be better for your commute. You can make this even cheaper by purchasing a monthly or yearly pass.
The Are Plenty of Other Modes of Transport
Getting about has never been easier and though we like to complain about public transport, the network is continuing to spread far and wide, connecting more and more people. The choice of public transport is also diversifying, especially within larger cities where innovation is key to getting people about. 
With apps like Uber and Lyft catching on, it is getting even easier to get a shared or solo ride in the city. These apps are usually free, easy to use and could definitely replace much of your dependence on your own car. If you are new to the idea, a lyft coupon code could be just the thing to get you started.
Walking is Best
If you still aren’t convinced about alternative transport options, walking is a great way to get fitter, improve your mood and slim down. Though living close to work might be more difficult for city workers, walking shouldn’t be discounted as a solution to making other transports more affordable. For example, you could save money by parking in a cheaper car park a little further away and walking the remaining distance. 
As a society, we have all become too dependent on our cars but, even just reducing the amount you use your car will have a big impact. Consider it this way: add up all the costs your car will rack up over the year including insurance, petrol and parking, and then divide this by the average cost of a taxi or a ride on public transport. 
If the alternative is cheaper, why would you keep the car?

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