Tried And Tested Ways To Land New Clients

The hunt for new business is never an easy one, and when you work in the B2B industry, it can be even more difficult to land new clients. Do you feel like your current efforts are falling short of your objectives? Perhaps it’s time you tried some new tactics. Take a look at these tried and tested ways of landing new clients and watch as your business starts to boom.
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Trade shows
You might not have considered going to a trade show before, believing that they’re fruitless or are too much effort to get right but the truth is that going to trade shows can be an easy way to connect with a whole new client base and increase profits for your business. Among the benefits of visiting trade shows for businesses are being able to showcase your products and services and being able to meet people face to face, while also being able to check out your competition. Put some effort in when it comes to your stand and any giveaways you plan on handing out – these will help create a lasting impression with the people you see on the day.
B2B Telemarketing
Telemarketing is a classic method of generating new leads for your business, but many people forget about this because they think it’s a dated form of chasing sales. However, the right telemarketing services provider can help you through offering an expert service that will only work with the types of businesses you want to work with, not waste time chasing up those with no interest. Combined with market research, this could be an effective way for your business to increase its client base. Consider outsourcing a b2b appointment setting service to increase the amount of appointments, influencing company efficiency without hiring.
Social media
Social media is the ultimate marketing tool, allowing businesses to reach out to others in ways that simply weren’t possible before. It’s often ignored by B2B companies who typically associate social media with B2C marketing, but the right strategy could prove very useful in connecting you with other businesses online. Showcase your achievements and not just those like winning awards or recording bumper profits – highlight the work you do within the community and the benefits your business offers others. Get some advice on creating the right B2B social media campaign and start using it to reach out to new clients.
Host events
Events are a great way for you to reach out to new clients and can be done in several ways to be effective. For example, hosting workshops or specialist seminars on subjects within the industry you work in could help to grow your reputation as experts in your field while also providing you with an effective networking opportunity. Combine your efforts with other local businesses or organisations and make a day of it that offers benefits to all involved.
Seeking new ways of finding new clients is important to help ensure growth for your business, no matter what size it is. Offer them improved services, such as being there for your customers at all times and better customer support. Thinking about the alternative ways you can win new clients could help your business to grow – so leave the old methods behind and try something new.

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