Travel Reduction
The truth is, the best way to save money on fuel is to consume less fuel; but that can be easier said than done. Still, there are methods you can use to reduce your gas expenses during the holidays. Following are a number of suggestions which may save you enough to increase your celebratory budget!
Strategic Traveling
If you’re savvy, you can save gas just by the way you travel from one destination to another. Here are some holiday travel tips to consider. If you really want to save during the holidays, you need to drive around the traffic.
travel expenses
If you get stuck on a Southern California freeway near a holiday rush, it could take you three hours to go thirty miles. That’s on a good day. You could be stuck in the mousetrap as long as eight hours. You can watch over and over again all the commercials next to the road, on you can go through your social network. You can make yourself not so bored today with all the gadgets. But this is bad for the engine, bad for your gas tank, bad for your peace of mind, and bad in general.
But you know when there’s no holiday rush, even on the eve of the date? Two in the morning. Nobody’s out at two in the morning. The roads are clear. You can go the speed limit, or get to your car’s most optimum operational velocity—both of which will extend the mileage of your vehicle, meaning you get more per gallon.
Plus, it’s cooler at night, so you don’t have to stress your engine as much as you otherwise would. Night driving can be dangerous for reasons of vision reduction and fatigue, but if you have little traffic you can rely on your brights, and if you sleep strategically, you can wake up right before your 2 am drive—and there’s always pulling over somewhere to nap.
A Technological Solution
If you’re especially strapped for cash, you may find people have a more giving spirit during the holidays, and a modest crowdfund profile could net you the needed funds to underwrite your journey. This is a bit of a long-shot, but if you can outsource the cost of your trip entirely, that’s 100% fuel savings.
Sign up for a Safeway card, a King Sooper’s card, a Von’s card, an Albertson’s card, a Piggly Wiggly card, a Gelson’s card—any supermarket you can find. You’ll encounter diverse outlets that have gas stations, and you can save pennies on the gallon.
Double-Down On Travel Conservation
If you’re a professional driver, you may have your own big rig that is regularly used hauling equipment. Well, during the holidays, you’ve got the choice of driving through town to find hotels, and expending fuel, or just sleeping in the truck. This can be uncomfortable if you don’t have a sleeper model.
One thing to consider when you’re perusing semi trucks for sale is a sleeper compartment; according to, “…sleeper trucks are designed for long hauls where sleeping lodges are not always readily accessible.” You might even trade your existing truck in, or make an upgrade.
Avoiding Risky Routes
Not every location has the traffic of San Francisco at rush hour. You’re pretty much never going to encounter real traffic in Wyoming. You might be delayed a minute or two here or there, but that’s it. Sometimes what you want to do is take a less-than-common route to get to your destination.
Sometimes you want to take the highway rather than the interstate, sometimes country roads are recommendable. Also, slower speeds are generally better for fuel economy; and on these roads, those slower speeds represent the limit. Generally, your ideal range will be between 45 and 65 miles an hour, depending on your vehicle.
Save Money, Save Time
The best gasoline conservation measures involve taking shorter routes unless there’s traffic, getting discounts, upgrading vehicles, underwriting your journey, and driving at your vehicle’s optimum efficiency. Practice strategies like these and you’ll potentially save hundreds of dollars a year.

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