Plenty of people have great ideas for new products and services, but it takes a lot more than a great idea to create a successful and lucrative business. A lot of new start ups don’t make it more than a year, even more succumb within five years, and only a third of all news businesses will still be in operation ten years after they open for business. There are a lot of factors that contribute to this, notes Freedom Debt Relief, but a lot of the problem ends up being related to the financial health of the company.
Business Finance Tips
It is easy to see how this happens, most people with good business ideas are not economists or financial experts and thus, this is the area of running a business they struggle with the most. Problem is, as Freedom Debt Relief explains, this is the most important aspect relating to a business being a success or failure. One must be able to manage their expenses while also turning something of a profit, otherwise the business is doomed to fail.
What follows are just a few tips from Freedom Debt Relief on how to stay on top of your small-business finances so as to improve your chances for long-term business success.
Use the Tools At Your Disposal
The first recommendation from Freedom Debt Relief is to use all the small-business tools that you can get your hands on. If you are willing to look for it, there is tons of help and assistance available for the small business owner. Affordable digital tools like financial software packages take a lot of the guesswork out of things like billing and payroll, ensuring that all of these elements are properly attended to, but that don’t require you to spend all your time managing these important, but tedious, tasks.
Keep Business and Personal Life Separated – Financially
A big mistake a lot of small business owners make, according to Freedom Debt Relief, is not properly separating their personal and business finances. You should avoid using your business resources for personal use and vice versa. It might seem easier or more convenient to keep the lines blurred, but it is actually a very bad idea. Pay yourself a salary from a separate business account and never have any personal ties.
Be Involved in Accounting
Though it is not everyone’s proverbial cup of tea, Freedom Debt Relief points out just how important it is for you to take a personal role in your business’s accounting. This doesn’t meant that you have to keep the books, that is not at all what is being suggested. Rather, look into the books on other occasions than just when you receive your monthly statement. You can better understand areas where the company might be able to save, as well as identify waste or fraud more quickly, by taking a more active role.
The tips provided by Freedom Debt Relief will help you develop better business financial practices that will help improve the chances of success for your business. The sad reality is that only about a third of new businesses will still be open after ten years, and bad financial management is often a key factor in the failure of two thirds of all newly started businesses. Following these tips will keep your business finances more streamlined and help you to avoid the common errors that failed small businesses make.

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