You might be making a real effort to save money, pay off your debts and become more financially stable in your life, but how do you know if you’re succeeding with your efforts? It isn’t always easy to gauge how good your financial life is, not least because it’s something that we don’t always feel comfortable discussing with others’. The good news is, there are some very clear indicators that, financially speaking, you’re on the right track…
Your Financial Situation Doesn’t Stress You Out
Obviously, this isn’t the only indicator you should rely on because you might just be a super-laid-back, care-free person, but generally speaking, if you’re at peace with the money part of your life, it’s likely that you’re on top of things, and you don’t have too much to worry about.
Financially Stable
You Have a good Credit Score
If you have a good credit score, then it is a clear indicator that you are practicing good financial habits. If you check your credit score and you find it’s lacking, take a look at, which can help you remedy the situation. You should also, make the time to check your credit score at to ensure that you are maintaining a strong financial position. You’d be amazed how common credit report mistakes are and how easy it is for bad habits to creep back up!
You Rarely Use Credit
If you can’t remember the last time that you use your credit card, and if you always pay your balance off at the end of the month, thus not accruing any interest, you’re more financially stable than most people in this country who use credit like it’s running out of style!
You’ve Built an Emergency Fund
If you’ve built an emergency fund that you’re confident will see you through most financial emergencies with ease, it’s a good sign that you value savings over reckless spending and if you’ve reached that milestone of financial maturity, chances are you’re in a pretty stable position.
You’re Cool with Splashing Out Occasionally
If the prospect of spending a little more cash than you usually would because it’s your anniversary or you’re due a vacation, doesn’t fill you with dread, it’s a good indicator that you’ve built yourself a financial buffer – something that any financially stable person would naturally have done.
Everything Gets Paid on Time
If all of your bills, whether they’re for your utilities, credit card repayments or car payments, get paid exactly on time every month without exception, chances are you have very little to worry about.
You Think Before You Buy
If you’re someone who thinks long and hard about your purchases, weighing up the pros and cons; asking yourself if you really need it and shopping around for the best possible deal, you have your financial head well and truly screwed on!
You Have a Pension Plan
If you have a pension plan, and you pay into it regular as clockwork, you can be confident that you won’t be troubled by money worries in the future.
If most of these signs apply to you, chances are you are financially stable. But you shouldn’t allow that fact to make you complacent because, things can change and if you aren’t regularly reviewing your finances, they could catch you by surprise!

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