The Best Investment Opportunities For Retirees

Having a healthy pension pot is important for all of us, but with life expectancy rising, more and more retirees are finding that the money they’ve got in their pension might not be enough for them to live the lifestyle they want to, especially if you’re hit with unexpected costs. After all of those years of hard work, you deserve some relaxation. Retirement is a time when you should be traveling the world and enjoying the fruits of your labor, but if you’re constantly struggling with money issues, you won’t be able to do that. If you think that your retirement fund is going to fall short, the best way to beef it up is to invest your money wisely. That way you’ll have a regular income that you can spend at your leisure, without having to worry about the well running dry. There are all sorts of investment opportunities that you can put your money into, but there are some that are far better suited to retirees. If you don’t know where to start when investing your retirement fund, look into some of these great options. 
Investing in gold is one of the most stable investments that you can make. The value of gold is less prone to fluctuations than other investments like the stock market. It’s also very likely to shoot up in value during a financial crisis because investors want to cash out of their riskier investments and put their money into something more stable like gold. There are plenty of great sites like where you can buy gold but, more importantly, they also offer a storage service. If you’re brave, you can keep your gold at home but if you were ever burgled, you’d lose everything. Tying up your cash in gold is a brilliant way to see good returns without taking too much of a risk. 
Super Funds 
Super funds are one of the most common ways that retirees invest their money. Investing in one or two things is very high risk because if they fall flat, you’ve lost a huge chunk of money and you’ll be in a worse position than when you started. Super funds are a brilliant way around this. They can help you to spread your money across lots of different investments to reduce the risk. You have two main options when it comes to super funds; the first option is to go for a pre-mixed investment option whereby the fund creates a list of investment options for you. If you aren’t sure what the best things to go for are, this is a safe bet because you can leave it to the professionals. However, if you’re a little savvier, you can go for a DIY investment option where you can mix and match your own investment opportunities to create your own package. Visit for more information.
Capital Growth Investments
If you don’t want to invest in a super fund, then you could consider capital growth investments. They’re a good option for retirees because they make great long-term investments. The two most common capital growth investments are shares and property. A property is a good investment because you’ll get regular income in the form of rent, and the property market is a historically stable one. Of course, it will dip from time to time but it tends to recover fairly quickly. You could either invest directly in stocks or property but if you want a lower risk, more hands off investment, look into funds that own shares or property. You’ll still see good returns but you won’t have to handle the day to day trading yourself. 
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Interest Bearing Accounts 
If you want more flexibility over your investment, an interest bearing account might be the right path for you. It’s a simple way to handle your money because all you need to do is deposit it and accrue the interest. It’s the best investment option if you just want extra money for daily expenses. There is no risk of losing your money but the returns that you get are a lot lower than other investments. You’ll have to decide whether you would rather go for less risk and less return or take a gamble and possibly get a bigger payout. You can access the money anytime you like which is a big bonus for some people. However, you don’t get any of the tax benefits that you would with some of the riskier investment strategies. 
Managed Funds 
A managed fund is a brilliant way to reduce the risk of investing while still reaping the benefits. The way that it works is lots of investors put money in, then the fund manager chooses lots of different investments to put the money into. Each person that has paid into the fund gets an equal share of the profits every month. It’s way less risky than investing on your own because if one or two of those investments don’t work out, you all share the burden of that and you won’t see a huge drop in your payments. You can get involved in a fund with a relatively small amount of money so it’s a good way of dipping your toe into the investment world to see how it works out for you. Investing also involves a lot of paperwork when it comes to your tax returns but if you do it through a managed fund, that workload is significantly reduced. When you’re trying to enjoy your retirement, you don’t want to be burdened with all of that extra paperwork. 
When you’re choosing a fund, you need to decide between active and passive funds. An active fund is one where a fund manager will constantly buy and sell investments based on market trends to increase the amount of money you’re making. You pay more for this expertise but it can also produce better results. An extension of this is private equity firms such as the Australian Amalgamated Investment Group. Private equity firms will use your capital to invest in private businesses and make calls on buying or selling company assets in order to generate profits, this can be more profitable if the businesses chosen by the firm are good performers. The alternative is a passive fund whereby you pay into a collection of investments and they are left to do what they will. There are fewer fees but also less chance to increase the amount of profit you’re making. 
If you don’t invest your pension pot wisely, you’ll find yourselves having to make sacrifices to your lifestyle which is not something that anybody wants to do in their later years.

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