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Stop Creditor Calls: An Easy-To-Follow Guide

When you are having financial problems, the phone doesn’t stop ringing. Sadly, it’s for nothing but bad reasons; you’re being plagued by an endless number of calls from creditors, all demanding their money.

Stop Creditor Calls

One creditor is bad enough, but if you’re receiving calls from multiple companies, then it can quickly feel overwhelming. You might even be tempted to change your number to avoid the calls, but this doesn’t deal with the underlying problem. If you truly want to stop creditor calls for good, then here is a simple guide to help you along the way.

Step One: Answer The Calls

There is no point pretending the calls you’re experiencing don’t exist: answer them. Inform the person on the other end of the phone that you are taking the matter in hand, and the company will hear from you within seven days. Ask for no more calls in the meantime. If they do call during that period, simply say you have already explained the matter, and hang up. 

Step Two: Put A Plan In Place To Cope With Debts

There is a reason that you have got creditors hassling, and that’s because you’re struggling with your finances. If you really want to put a stop to these calls, then you need to examine your options for managing your debts. Read through to see if debt consolidation might be an option for you, or enter into a debt management plan. You need to take action, or creditors are going to continue to harangue you. 

Step Three: Inform Your Creditors Of Your Plans (In Writing) 

Write to every company you have a debt with, whether they are the ones who have been calling you or not. So contact any providers of your credit cards, bank loans, store accounts -- anything where you have a balance owing, even if the account is currently well managed. 

Step Four: Ask Your Creditors To Stop Calling Unless You Default On Your Plan

As part of the above letter, request in writing that they stop calling you, provided you are going through with the plan as promised. This should work; if not, they are being unreasonable, and you are within your rights to consider a complaint. 

Step Five: Stick To The Plan

If you want to stop the calls for good, then you’re going to need to stick to the plan you have agreed and make any payments that are due. To ensure you don’t forget, you can set up direct debits so you don’t fall behind and become subjected to calls again. 

There’s no doubt that sticking to a plan you have put in place can be difficult. Willpower is the only reasonable answer; it’s worth having a read of to see how you can give your willpower a boost.

By completing the steps in this plan, you can return to a world where your phone ringing is a sign of excitement at a friend getting in contact. Reclaim your phone, deal with your debts, and put the stress and worry over the endless calls behind you. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this tips. I think it's good to just do these steps, but some debt collectors are really crossed the line. They keep harassing people even after they tell the collectors to stop, like what I just read at The only thing that works if we face those crooks is by legal action.