Trying to make your money last until payday can be a very difficult thing to do. Paying bills, buying food and paying for subscriptions that you might have all take up a lot of your money, meaning that sometimes you don’t have enough money to last you until the end of the month! Or perhaps something unexpected has happened like a car breakdown and you’ve not got enough money to see you through. If this sounds like a position you often find yourself in then carry on reading!
Selling Your Unused Items
Let’s face it, we all have items in our home that we don’t use. Whether it’s clothes, garden furniture or some books, we all have these spare things lying around! We all just ignore them until it’s time to throw away, however you could be sitting on a surprising amount of money without realising it! There is a huge second hand market for just about anything you can think of from shoes to ornaments, you can post up your unused items for sale on places like eBay for thousands of people to see. You put up photos, a basic description and how much you would like for it and you’re away! People will often buy things very quickly on these websites too, giving you an extra little bit of cash to see you through to the end of the month.
Personal Loans
Another great way to get a bit of money in to help you keep afloat is a personal loan. These small loans have low interest rates and are available from any banking society. Do keep in mind that you do not want to be taking one of these out if you’re struggling to make ends meet because you will find yourself in a mess! These are designed for when you need help for paying something big off, a one off rather than a recurring event. You can get a personal loan online which makes them very easy to access and get! They often are insecure too which only speeds up the process too, getting the money you need to you fast.
Picking Up Freelance Work
This relies heavily on experience that you have, and it can be a lifesaver! Freelancing is doing jobs as and when you please, which means you can pick something up and drop it once you’ve had enough of it! You can find a huge array of freelance work to suit your skills, you could write or do odd jobs for people, even being a taxi service. There is a huge array of choices for jobs on freelance websites that are free to sign up to and  use. All you have to do is contact a user saying that you will do their job for a given amount and then do it and get paid! It’s as simple as that.
Cut Down On Your Bills
Whilst this does sound slightly obvious, actively watching your utility and food bills does help cut the cost down of living. We spend most of our money on bills and food, we need food to eat and we need to pay our bills to keep our house running! Most of us pay for how much we use instead of being on a metered billing system, so this is an area that we can take advantage of and cut down. Making sure to turn things off when you’re done with them will save a staggering amount of money on your energy bills, trying to use less water or just not letting the sink run when you’re brushing your teeth will reduce your water bill, even having short showers instead of baths! And of course you can turn your heating down to reduce your gas bills, though trying to keep an eye on it can be difficult but if you have one of these it’s no problem!
Doing any one of the things mentioned here is guaranteed to make your money go further, or to get you a bit of extra cash in! We all need it from time to time because of unexpected financial pitfalls that we stumble across, but if you take out a small loan or pick up some extra freelance work in your spare time, or even if you just sell some of your old items online, you’ll get the extra money that you need to see you through! There are other things that you can do to save you money, especially at home, so if you need some more ideas and inspiration on how to do so, read this to get you going!

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