Traveling can leave a huge dent in a person’s wallet. Flights, accommodation, food, and everything else associated with travel costs a lot of money. One of the best ways to enjoy long term travel without going broke, is to find ways you can top up your money. You may have saved up a substantial sum to get you started, but what if you don’t want to come home after a few months, or even a year? Here are some suggestions that will help you to earn more:
Become An Au Pair
Becoming an au pair will mean you need a few different skills, as well as proof that you’re a safe and reliable person to work with. You’ll be looking after one child or children, and you’ll need to be prepared to teach them your language as you go. This can mean free accommodation for you if the family invite you to live with them! 
Teach English 
Many countries are crying out for people to come over and teach English to residents. The best bit? You don’t even need to be multilingual. This can be an extremely well paying job, and is perfect for somebody who wants to stay in a country for the foreseeable future. You’ll need a degree, and of course the appropriate visas and travel documents. You can see how to download Aadhar card if you’ll be teaching English in India, but this will vary depending on where you will go. 
Go To Bartender School
Going to bartender school and learning how to mix a variety of cocktails may not have been your dream as a child, but you’ll be able to get a job in almost any bar or pub around the world. Let that sink in. You may not earn a ton of money, but you’ll be able to land a job pretty much anywhere you go. 
Sell Your Skills
If you’d rather not have a long-term job while you travel, selling your skills is an option. If you’re great at something like skiing or surfing, you could become an instructor.  Maybe you’re great at jewellery making – why not sell your wares? There are many jobs you can try out online too, such as website design and SEO for businesses. Use the internet to learn something if you don’t currently have this kind of skill, and you might just be able to make enough to continue traveling as long as you like! 
Create A Cash Cow
A cash cow is something you do the work for once, but it continues to earn for you afterwards. One of the most popular ways to do this right now is to write an ebook. If you have a particular passion for something, writing an ebook about it could be a fantastic way to make money. Just bear in mind you’ll need to market your book, and you may want to write more than one! 
There are so many ways to top up your money while you travel – the sky’s the limit!

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