If you’re thinking of selling your home, before you put it on for sale, think about additional changes you can do, to increase the value. Although we like to think of residential properties as homes for our families, where we can create memories and live a happy life, financially speaking, they’re investments. You should be aiming to get more money from the property, than when you bought it. If you bought the home a long time ago, or even as recently as five to ten years ago, inflation has risen such that, you’re bound to get a decent return. But, why settle for less, when a little renovation and additions to your home, can skyrocket the price value and earn you a small fortune when you sell. 
No such thing as empty space
There is no such thing as unusable space in a home, so think about converting your loft and basement into lounging dwellings or even fully functional rooms. You have the potential of adding substantial value to your home when you do this, because technically, the more rooms you have in your home, the higher the price goes, regardless of how many were present when you bought it. Clear out all the mess and clutter in both spaces, and first of all, install lighting. You’ll need an electrician’s eye and knowledge for this. Put down carpet or hardwood flooring to better insulate the room. Think about ventilation, so the rooms are supplied with fresh air constantly. You may or may not need planning permission; it’s relative to where you live and local government’s policies, so check you’re within legal limits before taking action. 
Increasing Your Property Value
Adding to the outside
One of the best and common ways of adding value to your home is to build a balcony over the patio or veranda facing the back garden to your home. Contact construction specialist architects that can give you construction drawing services, architectural design, and planning advice. The balcony should be directly linked to the master bedroom, increasing the feet per square area of the home, as well as an aesthetically pleasing exterior. With the use of modern materials like aluminum and strong structural integrity design, a balcony can be marked down as a leisurely addition to the home. These types of features are in the same bracket as swimming pools, so you’ll automatically have your home transfer up to a higher price category on real estate boards.
Extend the kitchen
Since modern homes became available to the majority of the masses, the one strategy of adding value to your home that has been tried throughout modern history is the extension to your kitchen. Extending your kitchen is relatively easy because all that needs to be done is the removal of the immediate garden. Slabs, stoning, grass, and soil can all be uprooted and moved within half a working day by professionals. Next, you’ll lay down the foundation and knock down the exterior wall in the same process. Adding flooring to the foundation and then brick walls to surround the next structure is cheap compared to other routes. Adding windows and making a dining area is the final aim of the extension, which is greatly desired by large and growing families. 
Before selling, think about these types of additions and building ventures to your home. Why settle for less? You can transform your property, and your profit margin in one fell swoop; all you need is a little imagination, knowledge and the desire to see the plans through to the end to increase the price of the home when you finally go to sell.

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